A sign points the way to the upstairs party known...

A sign points the way to the upstairs party known as the "Foxtrot Lounge." (Sept. 28, 2013) Credit: Ian J. Stark

Heading out to party? If so, what will you wear?

There was a time on Long Island in the not-so-distant past (well, maybe a good 10 to 15 years ago actually) when your dress was a major factor in the decision-making process made by doormen toward whether you could even hope of gaining entry into some of the hotter hot spots on the local late-night scene.

It seems almost impossible to imagine — especially nowadays, when the term “casual but neat” means a button-down shirt, clean jeans and nice sneakers — that some clubs expected men to wear fabric pants and dress shoes, while women were encouraged to don stylish apparel that invoked a fashion sensibility. Of course, throughout the years there have always been pubs that were fine with street clothes — but rewind back to the 1990s, and one could practically expect rejection if not dressed to impress upon arriving at some LI trendy functions.

It’s not a judgment of today’s overall acceptance of denim and tennis shoes to recall that era — and in fact, it could even be considered commendable to note that the nightlife of now is much more inclusive then it was when chic, snooty Manhattan discos set the tone for similarly minded Long Island venues during the 20th century. But on the other hand, there are those who really enjoy dressing up to go out — and if you are among the fashionable folk that decide to spend more than a bit of money on attire and then hit a club for fun, only to find you are overdressed compared to the rest of the room, it can be a discouraging experience.

Well take heart suit-and-tie guys — and ladies that love to dress to kill — as there is a new bash in Huntington that asks you to do just that.

Taking place every other Saturday in the large lounge upstairs above La Notte (15 New St. in Huntington Village), it’s called the “Foxtrot Lounge,” and it looks to give people in the 30 to 70 age-range a place to have fun in a manner that is upscale in appearance.

As mentioned before, most LI spots are fine with relaxed gear — but “Foxtrot” insists on semiformal dress, with cocktail attire recommended. The setting features comfortable couches and a sizable dance floor — and with those in attendance kitted out in ritzy garb, the sight recalls a time of classy clubbing that people under 50 have probably only seen in old movies. However, the atmosphere is far from stuffy, as the DJ plays all sorts of sounds — ranging from pop, Latin, classic dance and freestyle to ballroom and jazz. Furthermore, guests can enjoy a full bar or play blackjack — legally of course, with no money changing hands (“21 For Fun”) – but there are prizes and trips to be won throughout the night.

Everything starts at 8 p.m., with a cover of $25 charged at the door; for more information, email cndproductions@gmail.com. The next edition of the Foxtrot Lounge is scheduled for Saturday, Oct. 12.

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