With its glow-in-the-dark action, 3-D effects and those clowns -- those evil clowns! -- Uncle Needles Fun House of Fear at the Bayville Scream Park can pop your goosebumps like they were bubblewrap.

But just in case you have spent the past year preparing your mind for another trip through the attraction at Long Island's only Halloween theme park, you just might have wasted your time.

The folks at Bayville Scream Park have cooked up a new scheme with Uncle Needles, and it involves a mirror maze and all new scenes. Take a first crack at it when the park opens up on Sept. 17 (see full schedule below the embedded video).

All the other attractions you've come to appreciate in the five years since Bayville Scream Park opened will return, including the terrifying Bloodworth Manor haunted house, Evil in the Woods, Temple of Terror and the Curse of the Zombie Pirates mini-golf.

The Parade of the Dead -- monsters and ghouls come to life and walk around the park (think: Michael Jackson's "Thriller" video without the red leather) -- also returns. It's hilarious to watch some little kids freak out at this and others try to befriend the monsters. It's an animated movie come to life.

For the scaredy cats, there's "Not So Scary" days on Saturday and Sunday (and Columbus Day). It features three new things: pumpkin patch, pumpkin bounce and the Halloween Express Haunted Train and Hay Ride.

Here's a five-minute tour around the Scream Park we shot back before we got the slick HD cameras. Even in standard definition, though, this place is trippy.


Bayville Scream Park
Open weekends Sept. 17 - Oct. 3.
Open daily beginning Friday, Oct. 8.

Monday-Thursday: 6-10 p.m.
Friday: 6 p.m.-midnight
Saturday: 11 a.m.-midnight
Sunday: 11 a.m.-10 p.m.

8 Bayville Ave.
Bayville, NY 11709
516-624-4678  (516-62-GHOST)

$14.75 per attraction, $21.75 speed pass
2-attraction combo: $25.75, $34.75
3-attraction combo: $33.75, $42,75
4-attraction combo: $39.75, $49.75
5-attraction combo: $42.75, $56.75
(Speed pass pricing lets you skip the lines and cut down your wait time.)


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