"The Waldorf Astoria Bar Book" by Frank Caiafa and more...

"The Waldorf Astoria Bar Book" by Frank Caiafa and more summer reads for drink-lovers. Credit: amazon.com

Your summer reading list has arrived, preferably with a cocktail.

“Drink Like a Man” (Chronicle, $22.95), edited by Ross McCammon and David Wondrich, bears the imprimatur of Esquire magazine and is suitably irreverent. It includes 90-plus cocktail recipes, along with a few more to help you with food. Despite the title, it’s directed to “Anyone who drinks like an adult.” Good sections on technique and limits, seasoned with attitude.

“Champagne, Uncorked” (Public Affairs, $26.99), by Alan Tardi, sparkles with information about the beverage of celebration and specifically the making of Krug Grande Cuvee, a great Champagne from arguably the greatest producer. History, harvesting, tasting, blending, marketing, presented with easygoing style. You’ll want to make a pilgrimage to Le Mesnil-sur-Oger.

“The Waldorf Astoria Bar Book” (Penguin, $25), by Frank Caiafa, who updated and changed the beverage program at the Peacock Alley bar, is an entertaining and engaging combination of history and recipes. But it’s also a look at the grand hotel and the resurgence of the cocktail culture. Caiafa worked on it for three years. Imagine him happy.

“Off-centered Leadership” (Wiley, $25), by Sam Calagione, combines business and beers, from the founder and president of Dogfish Head, the terrific craft brewery. Subtitled a guide to “motivation, collaboration & smart growth,” Calagione’s book is a good lesson in business and a lively, insightful introduction to Dogfish Head, which has been pleasing imbibers for 20 years.

“The World’s Best Drinks” (Lonely Planet, $14.99), with an introduction by Victoria Moore, will inspire vacation plans, whether you’re up for a martini or a root beer float. Taste away.

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