A can of Spray Cake.

A can of Spray Cake. Credit: YouTube

Move over Martha Stewart! A new invention by two Harvard University students could revolutionize the art of baking.

John McCallum and Brooke Nowakowski, both juniors at the Ivy League school, have invented Spray Cake, a microwaveable cake batter that comes in a whipped cream-style can. The idea started as a final project in one of McCallum’s science classes.

The batter — which has the same ingredients as traditional cake batter, minus baking powder or soda — cooks in just 60 seconds. Unlike traditional cake batters, this one does not require rising agents because the can makes its own air bubbles within the batter.

McCallum and Nowakowski were surprised to find out they were the first ones to make sprayable cake batter when they went looking for a patent.

“We were shocked that it hadn’t been done before,” Nowakowski said in an interview with CBS Boston.

McCallum and Nowakowski have a distributor and are now looking for a manufacturer.

Watch them demonstrate "Spray Cake" on CBS Boston. (App users, click the link above to watch the video.)

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