From left: Jon Preddice, Leanne Strom, Krista Preddice, Brian Kroll...

From left: Jon Preddice, Leanne Strom, Krista Preddice, Brian Kroll and Dave March of Miles to Dayton. The band will be performing at the Jamboozi Festival at Vanderbilt Museum in Centerport on Sept. 29, 2013. Credit: Doug Young

It can be fun to head out and enjoy something that’s a bit left-of-center; the type of happenings that are both unusual and entertaining. But for those who have families, especially with very young children, events that aim to entertain via alternate routes can be for adults only -- held at venues where the age of admission is 21 and over.

However, on Sept. 29, there is a unique, off-beat, all-afternoon affair set to take place on The Great Lawn of the Vanderbilt Museum in Centerport that involves live music -- as well as something known as “live art” -- and it is open to all ages: the Jamboozi Festival.

From noon-6:30 p.m., a large assemblage of artists working with various media (possibly as many as 50-75 will take part) will be on the museum’s large sward in order to create -- with the group of painters, sketchers and sculptors taking their inspiration from both the location’s picturesque panorama and the tunes delivered by such LI-based bands as Abraxas, Ken Talve Trio, The Electrix, Elana Rivkin and Miles to Dayton (expect bluesy and jazzy jam rock as the overall genre). In response to the sights and sounds -- and also to direct interaction with the crowd -- the artists will craft on the spot for all to see.

Tickets are available online in advance at and, with prices of $15 for adults and $5 for ages 12-6 (children five and under are free) – but admission can also be paid at the gate. For more information, call 631-261-2941 or email

Vanderbilt Museum: 180 Little Neck Rd. Centerport, 631-854-5579

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