Piggybacking onto the "bacon makes it better" credo, Burger King served up its first new bacon sundaes Thursday, dealing a blow to the concept of dessert.

Good looks this misconceived creation, available nationally just for the summer, has: a snowdrift of vanilla "soft serve," lovely drizzles of chocolate and caramel syrups, a crisp strip of bacon plunged in at the jauntiest of angles and then more bacon, crumbled artfully on top.

In goes the spoon. And out goes the notion that presentation is everything. And that salty and sweet are a natural combination. And that bacon can make anything taste better. Not this bacon, cold and unnaturally smoky.

The pretty "soft serve" tastes artificial and chalky; it's closer to shaving cream than all-natural vanilla ice cream. And why do those syrups bring to mind cough medicine?

Three bites and out goes the spoon. All that's left is a bad taste in the mouth -- meaty, greasy, milky. On the bright side, the whole thing costs only $2.49. And if you do yourself a favor and don't order it, you'll save 510 calories.

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