The West Beech Street entrance to Shine's in Long Beach....

The West Beech Street entrance to Shine's in Long Beach. The bar is celebrating 100 years in business a year late, after putting off festivities in 2012 because of superstorm Sandy. Credit: Ian J. Stark

When it comes to a business reaching 100 years old, it usually garners a good deal of attention. And in 2012 Shine’s Bar in Long Beach reached that significant century mark. Unfortunately, one of the worst tragedies to ever strike Long Island pre-empted any plans of celebration.

Shine’s has always been a pub primarily populated by locals. Located on the corner of West Beech and California streets, the bar — with its jukebox, darts, pool table and aging wall decor (such as photos and signage) — has endured as a relaxed, neighborhood hangout.

2012 was looking to be a big year for Shine’s, as the bar — originally opened in 1912 (in the former home of original owner Eugene Shine), and surviving Prohibition (as a speak-easy) — was gearing up to celebrate 100 years in operation. But after superstorm Sandy devastated Long Beach, Shine’s put that party on hold, although the bar still received heavy attention, but for a very different reason.

During the weeks that followed the storm many residents were left to cope with a lack of power, water and other necessities — but several of the West Beech Street entertainment venues (some heavily damaged) transformed into stations where supplies and donated goods could be acquired. Shine’s also did its part, opening its doors to serve food and drink to those in need and sending a message of hope to passersby via a sign in its window that was crafted from a slab of wood, reading: “Bruised, But Not Broken.”

Before long, that sign — and Shine’s — received coverage from area TV, websites and newspapers as a symbol for the strength and determination of the Long Beach community.

Today, the phrase has become a Shine's slogan, and fans of the pub can buy T-shirts that carry the post-storm mantra ( And for anyone who feels that the tavern's centennial still must be observed properly — even a year late — can stop in for its belated birthday bash on Saturday, Nov. 23.

Starting at 5 p.m., the cost of entry is $40, and that includes hot food, music by DJ John Wims and a souvenir 100-year glass. For more information, check out Shine’s online at and

Shine’s Bar: 55 California St., Long Beach, 516-432-9248

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