A balcony view of Bottomzup Bar and Grill in Carle...

A balcony view of Bottomzup Bar and Grill in Carle Place. (July 25, 2012) Credit: Ian J. Stark

Long Island is no stranger to sports bars and restaurants that evoke female anatomy with paronomastic names, such as Hooters and Canz A-Citi Roadhouse outlets which do steady business throughout Nassau and Suffolk counties. However, while their double entendres seemingly refer to a woman’s (ahem) upper torso, the newest venue to join this clique opened in Carle Place on Wednesday, July 25: Bottomzup Bar and Grill.

Bottomzup (377 Old Country Rd., 516-478-4777, bottomzupbarandgrill.com) makes the meaning of its moniker clear with a slogan (“No ifs, ands or butts about it”), and then makes it even clearer by offering pairs of short, tight, white shorts for sale in its apparel shop. Naturally, the predominately-female staff of servers and bartenders include this fashion item in their uniforms, with snug, sleeveless shirts to match.

However, there is more to this place than the eye meets … er, than meets the eye, as it is also a massive sports bar. Large flat screen TVs are hung in a 360-degree row, which enables guests to see games at any vantage point. In addition, there is a menu of burgers, sandwiches, entrees and sushi, and the bar is fully-stocked for complete cocktail potential. Expect music to always play (save during intense televised events), as there is an up-to-date DJ balcony-booth -- and although there aren’t any specific events happening yet, word is that late-night dance parties are a likelihood.

With the Westbury Canz location (1610 Old Country Rd., Westbury) only seven-tenths of a mile from Bottomzup, all of a sudden, simultaneous supporters of athleticism and form-fitting fabric have a lot to “see” on the ride between Post Road and the Roosevelt Field mall.

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