A very prodigious beard. Specimens akin to this one are...

A very prodigious beard. Specimens akin to this one are likely to be found at the "Beardfest" scheduled for Mulcahy's Pub and Concert Hall in Wantagh on Thursday, Dec. 19, 2013. Credit: Bruce Gilbert

For those of us who must face the realities of face-shaving, there are many times when we must decide what to do with our beards.

Stubble was once a faux-pas, but since the mid-1980's having a slightly scruffy mug is not only acceptable, but often considered a preferable look by those who find men attractive (a style whose introduction is widely attributed to actor Don Johnson’s five o'clock shadow, during his turn on the TV crime drama “Miami Vice”). In fact, since the recent dawning of the modern hipster movement (sometime between 2005 and today), full beards have also found acceptability, making a fully furry chin something spotted frequently on gents ranging from everyday blokes to Hollywood heartthrobs.

Many men who grow beards tend to eventually shave them off -- whether for work purposes, the approval of a partner or just plain itchiness. The concluding execution of one’s whiskers can be a slightly sad endeavor, as it’s easy to get attached to something that is, well, attached – but if you are looking for a righteous excuse to keep your facial hair where it is for at least a couple more months, Mulcahy’s in Wantagh has something set for Thursday, Dec. 19 that will require you to pass on any face shearing throughout November.

Advance notice in this case is actually quite useful, as anyone looking to compete in the “Beardfest” will need lots of time to get their chin tresses in shape.

A benefit for the Movember Foundation, which works to combat men’s health issues, Beardfest will be the culmination of a fund-raising drive that begins by asking men to not shave for all of November. Those dudes who decide to get involved must register at movember.com, using their growing fuzz (beards or just moustaches) to get people’s attention -- and then explaining to the curious that the reason behind the pronounced facial hair is to promote awareness of (and gather donations to help fight) men’s mental health issues, as well as testicular and prostate cancers.

Beardfest will lean toward involving those with a full face of fuzz (although guys with woolly upper lips sans lower growth will also get a chance to compete). The night will be a scrum involving mainly jawline manes, with three types accepted: groomed (oil or wax management allowed), freestyle (all sorts of sculpting chemicals are OK) and natural (as it grows only).

Categories of competition will include “Best Mustache” (natural/ groomed only), “Best Goatee” (natural or groomed) and “Santa Beard” (full white beards, colored or natural), among other divisions – with the winner of each group eventually going toe-to-toe (or is it “chin-to-chin?”) in a “Best Beard of the Night” finale.

To be hosted by experienced beard-contestant Anthony LeonardDiBoDiBono II, the event will kick off at 6:30 p.m. (with challengers required to register at 6 p.m.). Admission is $30, which includes some food (but for drinks it’s a cash bar), and there will also be music, live performances, giveaways and raffles – plus a “beard sacrifice” by the host. To see what DiBono will allow to be removed in the name of the evening’s charity, check him out online HERE. Ages 15 and over will be permitted; for more information email DiBono at dibo0112@gmail.com. To learn more about Movember, visit us.movember.com.

Mulcahy's Pub and Concert Hall: 3232 Railroad Ave., Wantagh, 516-783-7500

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