T.J. Finley's Public House in Bay Shore. (Aug. 11, 2013)

T.J. Finley's Public House in Bay Shore. (Aug. 11, 2013) Credit: Heather Walsh

If barrel-aged beverages are to your liking, T.J. Finley’s in Bay Shore may have an event worthy of your investigation this weekend.

Already a popular stop for craft-beer fanatics -- as the pub and eatery is well-known for its regular menu of exotic suds; including hops options ranging from LI-born to brews brewed in other states, sometimes even in other countries. However, on Saturday, Aug. 24, Finley’s will be doing a special four-hour expo that will focus on barrel-aged beer, and whiskeys as well.

Of course, a question that may arise for some is “why barrel-aged?” The answer lies first with the fact that at one time, wood was just a commonly-used material, and over the centuries the taste and body of brews were noted to be affected by the histories of the beer barrels – whether due to crafting from fresh wood, or via the recycling of containers formerly used for the storage and aging of wines and other spirits -- and furthermore, what sort of tree gave its life to form the foam-filled casks in the first place. (As for whiskeys, wood barrel-aging is the normal method of production.)

Whether you accept this ale-minded axiom, or are just curious to test the theory’s malty merits, on Saturday T.J.’s will be inviting guests from 3 p.m. to 7 p.m. to come in and sample from a selection of several barrel-aged beers, cask ales and whiskeys. In addition, all in attendance can explore a program of demonstrations and drink histories, score a commemorative keepsake glass, dine on barbecue and enjoy some funky blues from Long Island-based band Blind Robbery.

Tickets are $50, and are available – as is more information – by calling 631-647-4856 or online at tjfinleys.com (food not included in the ticket price).

T.J. Finley's: 42 E. Main St, Bay Shore, 631-647-4856

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