Magic Hat Brewing Company's Electric Peel and more brews that...

Magic Hat Brewing Company's Electric Peel and more brews that are perfect for summer. Credit: Magic Hat Brewing Company via Facebook

Summertime brews are the cure for the summertime blues.

From New Hampshire's reliable Smuttynose Brewing Company, try the coppery, satisfying Shoals Pale Ale, which has an English accent; and the hoppy, balanced, refreshing Finestkind IPA. A six-pack is $10.49 at Superstar Beverage in Huntington Station, where you'll also find the Pennsylvania standout Prima Pils. This winner from Victory Brewing Company is smooth, with an herbaceous, hoppy quality. A dependable choice, it's about $12 for a six-pack.

Magic Hat Brewing Company in Vermont brings some buzz with Electric Peel, a grapefruit-driven IPA, loaded with citrus and hoppiness. It's fresh and versatile, ideal in summer and available year-round. About $11 for a six-pack.

Samuel Adams Porch Rocker comes in with bright, Bavarian flair and a lively citrus note from freshly squeezed lemon. Try Porch Rocker with grilled chicken or grilled fish. A six-pack is in the $8 to $10 range. Samuel Adams Downtime Pilsner also is a good selection if roast chicken is on the table. It hints of lemon and herbs. Downtime Pilsner is in the Samuel Adams Beers of Summer Variety 12-Pack, which is $15 to $18.

Also from Samuel Adams is Honey Queen: floral, with suggestions of melon and peach. Honey Queen is made in the Braggot style, which has been around since the 12th century. This version has orange blossom, alfalfa and clover honeys, plus chamomile. Have it with white meats and fish, even with a dessert. A 22-ounce bottle is $5 to $7.

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