A DJ plays music for the crowd at Aura Light...

A DJ plays music for the crowd at Aura Light and Sound Suite in East Meadow. (Oct. 1, 2011) Credit: Ian J. Stark

Although most of the busy Long Island clubs tend to stick with mainstream dance music for their parties, the underground movement is gaining steam. More and more, smaller venues throughout Nassau and Suffolk are welcoming DJs – some of them untested – to come and play for their crowds.

Part of that is because a good number of the people who patronize the pubs and lounges that favor lesser-known genres like dubstep, techno and other types of EDM (Electronic Dance Music) are actually DJs themselves. Frequently, there will be bills featuring a roster of four to eight selectors – all taking turns jumping in on the laptop that holds the beats, and twisting the knobs necessary to affect the music – and many of those involved only learned about the gig via previous attendance (or social media).

However, if you aren’t part of the scene -- or haven’t yet tried to conduct a live session of your own – The Black Lantern Sushi Den and Ultra Lounge in Huntington will now open  every Thursday for an “Open DJ Night.”

The evening starts at 8, and the order of turns is based on a first-come, first served basis. Every DJ gets a 45-minute time slot and must bring the necessary tools (such as laptops, CDs, controllers) to play – the only rules are no vinyl records and no hip-hop is to be played (only dance and electronic music).

For more information, call 516-851-0798 or go online at Facebook.com/pages/Black-Lantern.

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