A Zone Ball player goes for a goal at the...

A Zone Ball player goes for a goal at the last Zone Ball Picnic Bash at Eisenhower Park. Credit: Zoneballsport.com

Are you tired of the typical soccer, basketball or football scrimmages and looking for something new? Join Steve Strangio, 45, of Oceanside, and play a game of Zone Ball at Eisenhower Park from noon to 4 p.m. this Saturday, July 10.

Zone Ball is Strangio’s newest sporting creation: a competitive, non-contact game where teammates must pass the ball and ultimately score into a center-court goal.

You think you don’t have the skills or athletic ability to play? Not so, says Strangio, pointing out that the best part of the game is that everyone is at the same skill level since the game was just created and everyone just started playing.

“We build the strategy as we go,” Strangio said of his and his friends who have been playing the game since their first Eisenhower Park scrimmage in June. Players are all ages, from all over Long Island

The upcoming “Zone Ball Picnic Bash” promises a fun time with new friends, old friends and a miniature soccer ball. Strangio will teach you the game on the scene, but if you want a head start, check out his blog for self-made video lessons.

Where: Eisenhower Park, Lot 2
When: July 10, noon – 4 p.m.
Zone Ball Game: Bring your own everything and wear athletic clothes and running sneakers.

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