The dining room at Galleria Ristorante in Westbury has been...

The dining room at Galleria Ristorante in Westbury has been renovated. Sept. 2014 Credit: Galleria Ristorante

Dominick is back.

That's Dominick Zelko, who opened Galleria, an Italian-continental mainstay, in 1984, and operated it until five years ago, when he sold the restaurant.

The popular spot, which once was known as Galleria Dominick, didn't fare too well under new ownership. Zelko now owns it once more. And after three weeks shut so it could be renovated, the “new” Galleria opened this week.

“We did a lot of work in the kitchen and in the dining room,” Zelko said. The traditional cuisine at the restaurant hasn't changed.

Before Galleria, there was La Galleria (also in Westbury) which Zelko opened in 1981 and operated for 3½ years before the lease was terminated. “I was here [Westbury] for almost 30 years,” said Zelko. “I missed my customers.”

Galleria is open for lunch Monday to Friday and every day for dinner. Dinner starts at 5 p.m. six days and at 2 p.m. on Sunday.

Galleria, 238 Post Ave., Westbury; 516-997-7373



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