These rainbow cookies, from Shabtai Gourmet, are kosher for Passover...

These rainbow cookies, from Shabtai Gourmet, are kosher for Passover and gluten free. Credit: Handout /

What makes a dessert kosher for Passover? In most cases, it’s the same thing that makes it gluten-free: an absence of wheat flour. That’s why savvy celiac sufferers and the gluten-averse look forward every year to Passover, when supermarkets stock up on kosher-for-Passover desserts. (This year, Passover begins at sundown on April 6.)

Right now, Woodmere-based Shabtai Gourmet is shipping literal truckloads of its kosher, gluten-free cakes and cookies to Long Island’s ShopRites, Best Yets, King Kullens, Waldbaum's and Stop & Shops. A 12-ounce package of these rainbow cookies retails for about $9. New this year from Shabtai is a gluten-free (and kosher pareve) unbaked pie crust which you fill with the fruit, custard or mousse of your choosing. A package of two 10-inch crusts is $15.99 and can be found in the freezer section. You can also order directly from the website:


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