Anyone expecting a sequel to East Meadow's Puglia of Little Italy at Puglia's City Cafe is in for a surprise.

The new spot is that time-capsule establishment, a supper club, which, the business card alerts you, covers "Fine Dining & Dancing."  It's all taking place on the former site of City Cafe and currently offers a pared-down menu that's not all Italian. But the main draw: live entertainment, last night with a singer devoted to songs along the lines of  "The Shadow of Your Smile" and  "More." There's a small dance floor and a big bar.

If you do come here to eat, try arancini, a tasty rice ball that will evoke memories of the two-star East Meadow restaurant. The stuffed artichoke also is respectable. But you can skip the chicken alla Joe, a thick cutlet, routinely Francaise, in favor of linguine with clam sauce. The only finfish: tilapia. A terse sushi menu also is available. They're likely to lead you the filet mignon and the rib-eye steak.

You can conclude with very good, fill-your-own cannoli -- three mini-shells accompanied by a serving of sweet ricotta cream with chocolate chips.

On the calendar so far: every Tuesday at 8 p.m. Body & Soul with DJ Johnny V; every Wednesday, singer Johnny Avino; every Thursday,  Johnny Fusco. Tomorrow night, it's East Coast; Saturday night Uppercut; and Friday, Oct. 1, Kathy & the Revivals.

If you're really planning ahead, on Nov. 18, Puglia's City Cafe will host "The Italian Chick Show," a dinner and comedy production for $49 per person plus tax and tip. To be at the bar: $20, which includes one drink.

Puglia's City Cafe, 987 Stewart Ave., Garden City; 516-222-1421.

Puglia of Little Italy in East Meadow ... still recommended