The hot fudge sundae cupcake at Smallcakes in Seaford.

The hot fudge sundae cupcake at Smallcakes in Seaford. Credit: Joann Vaglica

Smallcakes hits the South Shore again for its third incarnation. 

 The Florida-based cupcake chain has opened in Seaford, joining other locations in Syosset and Patchogue.

An assortment of 13 signature cupcakes are offered daily at the grab-and-go cupcakery, in flavors classic (chocolate and vanilla) to decadent (red velvet topped with cream cheese frosting). Cupcakes are $4.50 apiece; $24.50 for six and $46 for 12.

Throughout the month, Smallcakes rolls out a dozen specialty flavors specific to its stores. There’s “yummy banana,” a banana-cake base with cream cheese frosting, topped with bananas chips; a confetti-based Dunkaroos creation; a Girl Scout-cookie topped option and the “half baked,” a cookie dough and brownie cupcake with fudge and buttercream frosting that's topped with cookie dough and brownies, among others.

Aside from its namesake offerings, the spot can make “Smallcakes smash,” a layered concoction of its cupcakes and housemade ice cream that’s served in a cup, and milkshakes that blends its cupcakes and ice cream. 

“If you gave me the choice between a piece of wagyu steak and a good piece of cake, I’ll take the cake every time," said owner Adam Schillien.

Smallcakes is open Tuesdays to Saturdays from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. and on Sundays from noon to 5 p.m. Find it at 1284A Hicksville Rd. in Seaford (in the same shopping center as United Skates). 516-882-4728;

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