Yesterday, I cut right to the front of the long line at Chipotle Mexican Grill in Farmingdale—and I wasn’t being the least bit rude.  I was just  taking advantage of the chain’s online ordering system (also available as an iPhone app through iTunes).

It's a system both easy and ingenious. First you go online and register — pick a username, a password and fill in some contact info. You then choose the Chipotle branch you want to order from and, on an order form,  check off everything you want. You can order for one or several people and pay by credit card. If you wish, Chipotle will even keep your card on file, making it all the easier to order the next time. After your order is processed, you will be given a time to pick it up.

Not only was the food ready when I arrived, but it also survived the ride back to the office in Melville beautifully. My salad, topped with spicy dark meat chicken, roasted chili and corn salsa, fresh tomato salsa and pinto beans, remained bright and deeply delectable down to the last bite. My pal’s vegetarian burrito disappeared just as quickly as my salad.

To try cyber-ordering for yourself, go to