Surf Donuts, a new shop in Babylon, has already closed.

Surf Donuts, a new shop in Babylon, has already closed. Credit: Newsday/Scott Vogel

After just a few months in business, Surf Donuts in Babylon Village, which FeedMe featured last Friday for its array of creative doughnuts, has closed.

In an interview, employee Raymond Bader confirmed that the shop, which opened in April, closed permanently as of Sunday morning, offering “not enough business” as the reason. The closure was first announced on the Surf Donuts Facebook page on Sunday morning, and read in part, “We just wanted everyone to know due to certain issues in the location we were at we will be CLOSED indefinitely.”

During its brief tenure, the shop created peanut butter doughnuts filled with jelly, Boston cream doughnuts, salted caramel doughnuts topped with pretzels, cookie dough, cotton candy, triple chocolate and vanilla crunch doughnuts.

It made piña colada, mocha, strawberry-lemon, blueberry crumb, black forest, s’mores, rainbow-frosted and french toast doughnuts. Snickers and Almond Joys and Samoas got their own doughnuts, and so have the Cookie Monster and Elmo, the Avengers and the Suffolk Police. There were doughnuts for a gender reveal party and pastel unicorn party, as well as doughnuts for birthdays, Mother’s and Father’s Day, first communions and a bridal shower.

The shop was at 10 Grove Pl., Babylon.

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