Bavarian bretzel (pretzel) at Moules et Frites in Syosset

Bavarian bretzel (pretzel) at Moules et Frites in Syosset Credit: Erica Marcus

Lunch with the girls at Moules et Frites. Looking over the menu, we wondered what could make a pretzel worth $9. Our charming waiter informed us that it had been made in Bavaria and then flown in to be baked and served. Of course we ordered it and it arrived piping hot, measuring a full 10 inches across. The piping hot part proved to be a problem: bread really needs a few minutes to cool once it comes out of the oven lest it turn gummy at the point of entry. Which this pretzel, pulled apart savagely by hungry journalists, emphatically did. Not the pretzel’s fault though, nor Bavaria’s.

I enjoyed a large “salade maison” made with two increasingly rare salad ingredients: bibb lettuce and Dijon vinaigrette. What a relief not to be confronted with more balsamic-dressed mesclun. One friend enjoyed her burger, another found her chicken salad tasty but a bit too runnily mayonnaise-y. A “curry wurst” sandwich was compromised by a candy-sweet sauce. No one ordered moules (mussels) but we all agreed with Peter Gianotti’s assessment of the frites as merely routine.

Moules et Frites is at 4 Berryhill Rd., Syosset, 516-802-0713.

Newsday photo / Erica Marcus