The East End Arts Gallery in Riverhead is looking for...

The East End Arts Gallery in Riverhead is looking for artists for its Muse show that runs Jan. 24 through March 7. Credit: Handout

Grandma Moses did it. And so did former President George W. Bush. They are just two of the countless older adults who unlocked their inner artist after age 60. If you have painted your masterpiece and would like to see it exhibited at a Long Island gallery, here's your chance.

The East End Arts Gallery ( in Riverhead is looking for artists for its Muse show that runs Jan. 24-March 7. Paintings, sculptures and poetry will be accepted. The show is open to East End Arts members only, but you can join when you submit your art. Annual membership is $50 ($35 for seniors). If you've never had your art exhibited, don't worry. All art submitted will be accepted, as long as it falls within certain parameters.

"The members' show gives them the opportunity to get up on the wall, even if they don't have experience," says Stephanie Smith, a gallery spokeswoman. "It's a really great opportunity for people that are hobbyists or amateurs."

Art exhibited at the show is for sale, if the artist wishes, and the gallery gets a 30 percent commission if someone buys it.

Submission must be dropped off in person at the gallery on Jan. 16 or 17 (10 a.m. to 4 p.m.), or Jan. 18 (10 a.m. to 3 p.m.). There's a limit of one piece of art per member, and there's a $12 fee for the entry.

There are a number of requirements regarding size, weight and other specifics. Gallery instructions state: "If applicable, work must be properly framed. wired and ready to hang. Two dimensional work without a secure wire will not be accepted. Wire must be completely hidden when work is hung. Painting and photos with a clean gallery edge are acceptable unframed." Sculptures can weigh no more than 30 pounds.

For a full list of requirements, go to

If submitting your art doesn't make you feel like an artist, the show's opening night will. Everyone in the exhibition is invited to the opening reception on Jan. 24, where you can hobnob with fellow artists and discuss your work with first-night show-goers.

"A lot of people come into our gallery to see what's going on," Smith says. "It's a chance for artists to show their work with other artists."

For more information, call gallery director Jane Kirkwood at 631-727-0900 or send an email to

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