It's best to keep copies of your living will in...

It's best to keep copies of your living will in several places: at home; in your wallet; at your doctor's office; and with your health care agent or lawyer. Credit: iStock

If you become incapacitated and your living will and durable power of attorney for health care cannot be located, all of your planning may go to waste. Here's where to keep copies of these directives, according to Harvard Medical School.

Health care agent or lawyer Whoever drew up the documents also should have copies your family can access. You may want to keep the originals stored with your agent or lawyer.

Doctor's office Make sure your primary-care physician has copies of the documents in a file along with your health records.

Home Keep copies in a secure but easily accessible spot in your house. If you keep the originals in a safe-deposit box, note that information on the copies in your home.

Wallet You obviously can't carry all the documents with you, but you can keep a card in your wallet or purse with information about where the directives can be found.


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