Wow. I didn't see this one coming. Target is expanding its grocery section and phasing out gardening supplies, according to a report this week in the Dallas Morning News.

Citing customer demands, the chain is beefing up its meat department, produce section and making room for more packaged baked goods, like pies. At the same time, though, the company is phasing out all of its gardening sections and has plans to wipe them out completely by September, according to the Texas paper.

The article says Target cities a lack of profit from gardening supplies, but how can that be? Yes, in the world of personal finance, gardening is viewed as a "nonessential," and I know many of the local nurseries are experiencing a decline in sales. But this seems a bit drastic, especially for a large retailer that can better weather the storm than a small independent shop. And what happened to the resurrected "Victory Garden" grow-your-own kick?

And another thing: Isn't the gardening section a seasonal thing, replaced with holiday items in the winter? Where are Christmas trees going to go? In the produce aisle? Something just doesn't add up.

I've never purchased gardening supplies at Target, but I have seen seed racks, planters and tools on display. Apparently, the stores will continue to carry some of these scattered throughout the store, but the gardening section will be history.

Might be a good time to channel your inner entrepreneur and open a nursery near Target.

Just saying.