Kidsday reporter Hunter Guthy of East Setauket

Kidsday reporter Hunter Guthy of East Setauket Credit: Guthy Family

Have you ever received a present that you didn’t like or got two of the same present but there was no receipt? It has happened to me. It is still a work in progress, but my idea is simple: a website where you have your own account with pictures of presents you don’t want and others can trade with you.

All you need to do is sign up on the website, make sure you have your parent’s permission, then make sure you have two or more pictures of the present you want to swap for. First upload your pictures to your account, type the description of your present, then describe some toys you would be willing to exchange it for, like Lego or Xbox games. Once you find a toy you want to trade for, you can click submit. You can contact someone and suggest a trade or wait until someone offers to trade!

To trade, you either wait until someone wants to trade with you because a message will pop up saying you have a deal. Then you either click, trade, or no deal. You shouldn’t give the trader your address or any other personal information. When you do trade, make sure your parents chaperone you. Isn’t this a great idea?


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