The Knicks’ Carmelo Anthony and former Yankee Jorge Posada, writing on The Players’ Tribune website, on Friday issued pleas to help hurricane ravaged Puerto Rico.

Both announced they had set up crowdfunding pages at the website — the Carmelo Anthony Puerto Rico Relief Fund and Posada’s Puerto Rico Hurricane Relief Fund. Anthony said he contributed $50,000.

“Right now, as I’m sitting here on Thursday night, there’s thousands of little kids sitting in the dark,” wrote Anthony, who is half Puerto Rican. “They might not have a roof over their heads anymore. Their houses might be totally destroyed. Their refrigerators aren’t running. They might not have much food or clean water to last them the week.

“Where are they sleeping tonight? What are they gonna eat tomorrow? What the hell is going to happen to these kids? This is what’s running through my mind right now. We have to do something to help these kids and their families.”

“Both my dad and my sister told me they’ve never seen anything like what happened when María came through. Nothing even close,” wrote Posada, who is Puerto Rican. “My folks have a zinc roof on part of their house. And it’s a pretty sturdy roof, well made. He said that during the storm, when the winds were really kicking up, he and my mom heard some loud creaking noises and weren’t sure what it was. Then, all of a sudden, that roof blew off the house like a sheet of paper. Like it was nothing.”

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