Long Islanders are passionate people. Whether we're debating alternative routes to the Long Island Expressway or asking if Bagel Boss reigns supreme, we have many opinions ... and we're willing to shout them out whenever necessary. If you've lived here a while, you've probably had several of these arguments. Did we miss any? Send your thoughts to josh.stewart@newsday.com.

Adventureland vs. Splish Splash

Credit: Yvonne Albinowski

Let's end this once and for all: Adventureland in Farmingdale vs. Splish Splash in Calverton. Both have fast-paced rides and entertaining attractions for the whole family, but when it starts getting hot, you might want to go with Splish Splash to ensure a cool-down. But wait, Adventureland has water rides, too ... OK, maybe we can't settle this.

BEC: Bagel or roll?

Credit: Newsday/Josh Stewart

If you want to start the day with an argument, what better option than bacon, egg and cheese on a bagel or a roll? The roll contingent will point to the bagel's relative hardness. The bagel brigade tends to question roll lovers' taste in food as a whole. (Full disclosure: After taking a picture of this sandwich from Heavenly Bagels in Levittown, the egg was removed before consumption because the photographer only eats bacon and cheese or bacon and egg. Don't judge!)

Favorite Billy Joel song

Credit: Bruce Gilbert

If you ask a group of Long Islanders what's the best Billy Joel song, you may be in for some brutal "Honesty." Many of us feel strongly about the songs that shout out our hometowns: "It's Still Rock 'n' Roll to Me" references Manhasset's Miracle Mile, and "The Ballad of Billy the Kid" mentions Oyster Bay. Be careful about bringing this up with your friends, because this argument will last "The Longest Time." But don't blame us for planting the seed; "We Didn't Start the Fire" here. Had enough of our puns? Fine, we're "Movin' Out."

Is it really a Long Island iced tea if ... ?

Credit: Doug Young

What constitutes a Long Island iced tea? The drink usually contains a mixture of vodka, rum, gin and tequila, but some LIers prefer just one or two of these spirits. In that case should it be called a Long Island iced tease?

Battle of the Blue Point

Credit: Brittany Wait

When it comes to Blue Point beer, there are plenty of tasty options. Do you go for the sweet Blueberry Ale, the aromatic Hoptical Illusion, the light Mosaic or the rich Toasted Lager? That argument is bound to get loud fast. Better schedule a Friday night taste test so the whole gang can weigh in.

No, the opening scene of 'Grease' wasn't filmed here

Credit: Gordon M. Grant

When lounging in the Hamptons, you and your friends could argue for hours about what scenes were actually shot on the beaches there, and which ones definitely weren't. We'll help you out: "Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind," "Gossip Girl," "Sex and the City" and "Something's Gotta Give" were filmed there.

A night out (arguing) on Main Street

Credit: Yvonne Albinowski

On a night of bar-hopping in Patchogue, where do you begin? The Tap Room gets crowded inside quickly, but if it's nice out, one of your friends will surely bring up the awesome patio seating. And, of course, someone in your group will be on the defense for Village Idiot Pub, even if it's only to check the scores for whatever game is on. Good luck settling this one.

Nassau vs. Suffolk — Which is better?

Credit: J. Conrad Williams Jr./Randee Daddona

Every Long Islander has playfully argued at least once with their friends about which county is better. If you're from Suffolk, you probably think Nassau is too congested, while Nassau residents are apt to complain that there's nothing to do in Suffolk. But no matter what your opinion is, the one thing everyone can agree on is that traffic on the LIE is bad no matter where you live.

Walking in a winter argument

Credit: Newsday / Kathy Kmonicek

Here's an argument for the whole family to enjoy. On your snow day, where do you go sledding? You can't go wrong with some state parks: Bethpage Park in Farmingdale, Eisenhower Park in East Meadow and Heckscher Park in East Islip are popular choices. And, of course, you have to consider the nearest hilly high school field options like Hauppauge and Malverne.

We know the (Long Island Express)way

Credit: Jim Staubitser

If you're planning on going just about anywhere, LIers always think they know the quickest route. Just take Sunrise Highway all the way! Why take the Long Island Expressway at this hour when you can just get on the Southern State Parkway? And don't even think about the Sagtikos Parkway right now.

Learn our town names!

Credit: Sara-Megan Walsh

When hanging out with your lifelong Long Island pals and an out-of-towner joins the group, why not place some friendly wagers on which Long Island town name said interloper butchers the most? Just start with Hauppauge, Islip and Wantagh and go from there.

Shop till you drop

Credit: Yana Paskova

While planning a day of shopping, LIers will put their foot down about where they want to spend some of that hard-earned paycheck. The possibilities are endless, and every shopping center has its pros and cons. Roosevelt Field, Smith Haven Mall or Tanger Outlets are the main options -- but if you settle on the outlets, do you go to Riverhead or Deer Park? Riverhead has stores that Deer Park doesn't, but Deer Park has the movie theater and Chipotle ... another endless debate.

Indulging in Port Jeff

Credit: Ian J. Stark

When on the hunt for ice cream in Port Jefferson, you have three options that are within walking distance of each other: Roger's Frigate, Port Jefferson Ice Cream Cafe, or Ralph's. It's a tough choice, but when you have a serious sweet tooth, sometimes it just comes down to whatever line is shortest.

The lighthouse squabble

Credit: Newsday / J. Conrad Williams Jr.

Lots of LI lighthouses to choose from, but just for example, which lighthouse makes for the prettier Instagram pic: Fire Island or Montauk? When trying to decide on the summer spot, just plan trips to see both.

Ladies who brunch

Credit: Brittany Wait

Best brunch spot? Better make up your mind before those exclusive hours end. Maureen's Kitchen in Smithtown, Toast Coffeehouse in Patchogue or Port Jefferson, and Munday's in Huntington are just a few of the contenders here.

School spirit close to home

Credit: James Escher

If you attended high school in a large Long Island district, a cardinal direction was likely added to your banners and uniforms: Smithtown East and West, Sachem North and East, Valley Stream Central, North and South, and Half Hollow Hills West and East are a few examples. And when it's homecoming season, playful arguments (and maybe some serious ones) can break out about which of the high schools in the district is the best.

Debating the late-night bite

Credit: Yvonne Albinowski

Craving pancakes at midnight? A debate is bound to ensue over which diner does it best. No matter the place, if you're eating pancakes past midnight, you're doing it right.

Where to buy your bagels?

Credit: Joel Cairo

This argument could last an entire weekend. Some Long Islanders prefer a chain like Bagel Boss in Hicksville or Strathmore in Ronkonkoma, while others prefer the smaller gems like Terrace Bagelry & Deli in Islip Terrace or My Three Sons Bagel Cafe in Garden City. The only way to settle this debate? Try them all.

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