David Brooks, former head of DHB Industries of Westbury outside...

David Brooks, former head of DHB Industries of Westbury outside federal court in Central Islip. (June 3, 2008) Credit: James Carbone

David Brooks, the former body-armor magnate, has a fondness for certain types of pens -- either very expensive ones or, at the very least, standard ones that do not bend when pressure is applied.

But now Brooks has been ordered only to use inexpensive jail-issued pens, that bend easily, for the remainder of his fraud trial in federal court in Central Islip.

The order was issued by officials Tuesday after federal marshals guarding Brooks found he had concealed nine pills in his own pens, according to sources.

Brooks was transferred from the Nassau County jail in East Meadow to a federal detention center in Queens earlier this year after marshals discovered he had concealed tranquilizers on his person and had hidden a ballpoint pen in a body cavity.

At the time, Brooks was dissatisfied with the tranquilizers prescribed by jail doctors, sources said. But he also didn't like using jail-issued pens -- short, flexible ones, the equivalent of a ballpoint refill, sources said. Those are also the type of pens issued at the detention center in Queens. The pens are flexible to prevent them from being used as stabbing weapons.

As part of the stock scheme and looting charges brought against him by federal prosecutors, Brooks is also accused of illegally having the former Westbury company he once headed, DHB Industries, buy $353,000 worth of upscale pens. He has argued his contract with the company allowed him to buy the upscale pens.

Wednesday, Brooks sat at the defense table with only a water pitcher and a legal brief in front of him. Whether he had a jail-issued pen could not be determined.

Robert Nardoza, a spokesman for Eastern District federal prosecutors, said a probe was continuing into whether to charge Brooks with possessing contraband and how the pills got into the pens. Brooks' attorneys have declined to comment on the pen situation.

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