Jacob Peralta enjoy holding the American flag while accompanying his...

Jacob Peralta enjoy holding the American flag while accompanying his immigrant parents at the annual naturalization ceremony in celebration of Constitution and Citizenship Day at the Sagamore Hill National Historic Site in Oyster Bay on Sept. 17. Credit: Newsday/J. Conrad Williams Jr.

The foreign-born population — a demographic that has helped limit losses on Long Island — edged up between 2009-13 and 2014-18, particularly in Nassau County, according to new estimates released by the U.S. Census Bureau on Thursday.

In Nassau, the foreign-born population increased from 21.3% of the county’s population in 2009-13 to 22.2% by 2014-18. In Suffolk County, the share of foreign-born residents rose from 14.5% to 15.5% during the same time period. The bureau deemed both increases statistically significant.

Nassau has about 1.36 million residents, and Suffolk 1.48 million.

The Census Bureau’s five-year American Community Survey data provides information for all geographic areas. However, the data allowing for comparisons between two different five-year periods for geographies was only available for 153 of Long Island’s 291 hamlets and villages, providing some insight into the breakdown of non-native populations of many of the Island’s communities.

Several communities in Nassau, particularly near its western border with Queens, had significant increases in their foreign-born population. For example, Elmont, which borders Queens, saw its foreign-born residents rise from 41.3% of the hamlet’s population to 45.1% in the latest five-year period. Others were Garden City Park, increasing from 35.4% to 42.3%; South Valley Stream, climbing from 31.1% to 39%; and North New Hyde Park, 27.5% to 33.6%.

In addition, Hempstead Village saw its foreign-born population go from 39% to 41.4%, but the bureau said the change was not statistically significant.

Communities in Suffolk with high foreign-born populations include Brentwood, 41.9% in 2014-18, down from 43.2% in the earlier five-year period, but the Census Bureau said the dip was not significant. Brentwood, which has a large Latino population, had the third-highest share of the foreign-born population, behind Elmont and Garden City Park. North Bay Shore saw its foreign-born population share climb from 34.4% to 39.7%, but the change was deemed not significant.

Of 20 hamlets and villages where the bureau’s estimates for 2014-18 saw significant increases in their foreign-born population, 13 of them were in Nassau. Hewlett had the largest percentage point increase: 16.4% in 2009-13 to 29.8% in the latest five-year period. North Patchogue in Suffolk followed, rising from 6.9% to 16.4%.

Demographers said immigrants have been a linchpin in the New York metro region’s growth.

In his 2018 “Demographic Profile” of Nassau, County Comptroller Jack Schnirman reported, “Long Island’s population growth has been largely driven by minority communities and foreign immigration,” noting a drop in the county’s birthrate over the past decade.

Schnirman said 21.8% percent of the county’s population was foreign born and that 7.7% moved into the county since 2010. He cited “policy challenges” resulting from the aging of the domestic population and the struggle to retain younger workers. “Declining population growth will lead to less revenue for government services,” Schnirman said.

William Frey, a demographer and senior fellow at the Brookings Institution in Washington, D.C., said the foreign-born population nationwide has grown at a slower rate this decade, about 202,000 between 2017 and 2018, “well below other years this decade when the number ranged between 400,000 to 1,000,000,” he explained in a recent blog post.

While Frey said in an interview that he has not yet analyzed the bureau’s latest data, his analysis of the 2017 to 2018 census data “has shown an absolute decline in the foreign-born population” for the New York metropolitan region, which includes Long Island. “It reflects a downturn in noncitizens from Latin America and Asia.”

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1600000US3601011Albertson CDP, New York7567.2null 2532.8null 3.215.8* 118,94293,654* 96.886.2* 3.213.8* 1,1611,064null 22.8null
1600000US3602044Amityville village, New York87.783.9null 12.316.1null 5.27null 100,69085,952* 91.990.5null 8.19.5null 1,8722,082null 9.710.1null
1600000US3603408Babylon village, New York91.389.7null 8.710.3null 2.68.1* 127,411104,470* 97.693.7* 2.46.3* 2,5162,659null 3.45.2null
1600000US3604143Baldwin CDP, New York73.373.6null 26.726.4null 4.47.3* 105,888105,958null 93.788.8* 6.311.2* 6,2276,048null 67.3null
1600000US3604154Baldwin Harbor CDP, New York73.879.7* 26.220.3* 5.29.2* 118,194108,382null 92.987.4null 7.112.6null 1,4692,062* 5.34.3null
1600000US3604913Bayport CDP, New York75.479.1null 24.620.9null 4.76.7null 94,05884,358null 98.695.7* 1.44.3* 1,8652,201* 5.85.8null
1600000US3604935Bay Shore CDP, New York95.895.1null 4.24.9null 5.910.4* 76,80875,311null 91.885.8* 8.214.2* 8,2427,043* 10.26.7null
1600000US3605034Bayville village, New York9093.4null 106.6null 4.42.4null 105,469106,420null 96.793.9null 3.36.1null 1,2741,479null 4.75.2null
1600000US3605039Baywood CDP, New York79.876.5null 20.223.5null 4.46.8null 84,41492,083null 91.580* 8.520* 1,7912,143null 95.5null
1600000US3605738Bellmore CDP, New York88.891.1null 11.28.9null 47.2* 132,927122,950null 98.396.2* 1.73.8* 3,5364,174* 2.81.5null
1600000US3606387Bethpage CDP, New York85.386.2null 14.713.8null 3.67.7* 116,83898,511* 98.494.6* 1.65.4* 3,5083,613null 2.72.8null
1600000US3607157Bohemia CDP, New York93.894.2null 6.25.8null 3.88.8* 90,90898,496null 96.896null 3.24null 2,2182,865* 74.3null
1600000US3608026Brentwood CDP, New York58.156.8null 41.943.2null 4.89.9* 76,67275,209null 87.275.9* 12.824.1* 17,51615,595* 11.29.9null
1600000US3611781Calverton CDP, New York89.389.8null 10.710.2null 4.210.4* 52,48551,884null 91.992.4null 8.17.6null 941954null 115*
1600000US3613233Cedarhurst village, New York77.380.6null 22.719.4null 5.16.7null 99,87386,195null 96.494.3null 3.65.7null 2,0172,226null 3.85.4null
1600000US3613376Centereach CDP, New York87.988.6null 12.111.4null 4.66null 105,442104,936null 95.392.7* 4.77.3* 7,6227,825null 5.94.7null
1600000US3613420Center Moriches CDP, New York95.593.5null 4.56.5null 45.8null 91,02095,545null 95.892.3* 4.27.7* 2,2361,910null 2.63.4null
1600000US3613442Centerport CDP, New York93.493.3null 6.66.7null 4.97.6null 145,722102,946* 98.396* 1.74* 1,1351,545* 3.53.8null
1600000US3613552Central Islip CDP, New York65.664.4null 34.435.6null 3.811.2* 68,57372,005null 88.977.5* 11.122.5* 8,12710,070* 11.911.1null
1600000US3616958Cold Spring Harbor CDP, New York89.592.1null 10.57.9null 2.83.5null 201,875150,362* 98.896.5null 1.23.5null 1,3281,333null 2.61.2null
1600000US3617530Commack CDP, New York90.390.7null 9.79.3null 3.77.6* 131,616122,512* 97.795.8* 2.34.2* 8,4829,464* 3.72.9null
1600000US3618146Copiague CDP, New York70.972.8null 29.127.2null 6.18.1null 79,33278,255null 91.584.6* 8.515.4* 4,9095,259null 8.17.5null
1600000US3618157Coram CDP, New York8584.8null 1515.2null 4.86.7* 83,27986,199null 96.992* 3.18* 9,0089,473null 5.47.7*
1600000US3619972Deer Park CDP, New York8184.7* 1915.3* 5.86.7null 91,44286,452null 94.992.8* 5.17.2* 6,2236,842null 7.47.1null
1600000US3620687Dix Hills CDP, New York80.982.1null 19.117.9null 3.56.3* 156,603151,225null 97.195.6* 2.94.4* 6,2656,934* 3.22.4null
1600000US3621985East Farmingdale CDP, New York75.678.5null 24.421.5null 8.45.5null 85,78691,676null 93.286.7null 6.813.3null 1,5131,609null 7.14.9null
1600000US3622260East Hills village, New York8886.6null 1213.4null 3.26.7* 207,578195,100null 99.196.6* 0.93.4* 2,1582,213null 1.34.8*
1600000US3622315East Islip CDP, New York95.396.5null 4.73.5null 4.76.6null 122,159113,969null 97.495* 2.65* 3,3753,635null 7.23.5null
1600000US3622480East Massapequa CDP, New York89.183.7* 10.916.3* 3.57.3* 95,743107,729null 96.393.5null 3.76.5null 3,8833,946null 4.94.7null
1600000US3622502East Meadow CDP, New York80.781.6null 19.318.4null 4.86.3null 105,19299,811null 95.392* 4.78* 7,4237,859null 4.43.8null
1600000US3622546East Moriches CDP, New York96.296.5null 3.83.5null 4.25.5null 102,22699,700null 96.194.4null 3.95.6null 1,2941,014* 5.65.1null
1600000US3622612East Northport CDP, New York93.194.2null 6.95.8null 5.56.7null 106,479112,780null 96.695.9null 3.44.1null 4,5894,994null 4.53.8null
1600000US3622733East Patchogue CDP, New York87.489null 12.611null 5.87null 76,65573,512null 94.386.7* 5.713.3* 4,8014,779null 912.4null
1600000US3622876East Rockaway village, New York9091.8null 108.2null 5.49.4null 99,71599,972null 9892.7* 27.3* 2,1142,137null 4.52.9null
1600000US3622980East Shoreham CDP, New York93.395.1null 6.74.9null 3.99.1* 125,625134,615null 9895.9null 24.1null 1,8341,785null 4.13null
1600000US3624273Elmont CDP, New York54.958.7* 45.141.3* 4.79.2* 96,94393,222null 94.684.5* 5.415.5* 7,7598,723* 6.77.3null
1600000US3624405Elwood CDP, New York85.187.3null 14.912.7null 5.66.7null 110,741109,248null 98.794.3* 1.35.7* 2,6893,116* 4.31.7*
1600000US3625384Farmingdale village, New York86.580.6* 13.519.4* 2.36.7* 86,44780,441null 97.189* 2.911* 1,5421,424null 6.24.9null
1600000US3625417Farmingville CDP, New York88.588.7null 11.511.3null 6.16.3null 107,266100,868null 96.788.8* 3.311.2* 3,4404,014* 4.94.5null
1600000US3626264Floral Park village, New York87.786.2null 12.313.8null 3.66.7* 114,674118,669null 98.594.6* 1.55.4* 3,6423,785null 2.42.6null
1600000US3626946Fort Salonga CDP, New York93.393.8null 6.76.2null 38.9* 144,091134,840null 97.298.3null 2.81.7null 2,1872,741* 4.93.6null
1600000US3627309Franklin Square CDP, New York76.278.3null 23.821.7null 68.1* 106,51993,122* 9592.8* 57.2* 7,1867,106null 44.8null
1600000US3627485Freeport village, New York69.867null 30.233null 4.810.3* 76,24473,235null 9183* 917* 10,21910,515null 12.513.7null
1600000US3628178Garden City village, New York91.693.6* 8.46.4* 3.76.4* 171,750162,299null 98.298.3null 1.81.7null 6,0456,275null 2.54null
1600000US3628189Garden City Park CDP, New York57.764.6* 42.335.4* 2.89.5* 114,37598,304null 9691.5* 48.5* 1,7281,716null 4.83.7null
1600000US3629113Glen Cove city, New York68.468.1null 31.631.9null 3.15.1* 78,06674,418null 90.883.8* 9.216.2* 5,7555,854null 14.113.7null
1600000US3630169Great Neck village, New York66.366null 33.734null 3.910.4* 94,15396,475null 97.292.1* 2.87.9* 3,2872,877* 7.77.2null
1600000US3630213Great Neck Plaza village, New York70.966.8null 29.133.2null 2.911.6* 78,77064,337* 97.292.4* 2.87.6* 9651,251null 9.25.9null
1600000US3630543Greenlawn CDP, New York83.984.7null 16.115.3null 4.88.8* 99,02695,492null 95.289.4* 4.810.6* 3,5714,001null 4.56.9null
1600000US3631896Hampton Bays CDP, New York7479.5null 2620.5null 2.66.6* 78,34478,303null 85.182null 14.918null 2,9872,516null 7.46.9null
1600000US3632732Hauppauge CDP, New York88.390.5null 11.79.5null 3.25.2* 109,262113,611null 97.295.3* 2.84.7* 4,2925,118* 3.54.2null
1600000US3633139Hempstead village, New York58.661null 41.439null 4.311.8* 62,34756,222null 84.772.4* 15.327.6* 15,06814,476null 19.320.5null
1600000US3634286Hewlett CDP, New York70.283.6* 29.816.4* 3.66.5null 109,046108,382null 96.994.1null 3.15.9null 1,2881,683* 6.43.8null
1600000US3634374Hicksville CDP, New York68.273.9* 31.826.1* 3.87.4* 108,35099,953null 9591.6* 58.4* 8,3288,555null 4.74.4null
1600000US3635056Holbrook CDP, New York93.992.4null 6.17.6null 4.87.5* 103,211101,506null 96.192.6* 3.97.4* 5,6666,765* 4.63.5null
1600000US3635254Holtsville CDP, New York89.290.3null 10.89.7null 4.95.5null 101,85392,887null 97.191.3* 2.98.7* 4,2075,417* 5.44.7null
1600000US3636233Huntington CDP, New York90.489null 9.611null 3.76.4* 120,475126,875null 98.794* 1.36* 3,4094,372* 6.84.3null
1600000US3637044Huntington Station CDP, New York74.673.8null 25.426.2null 4.78.7* 89,47276,656* 87.182.2* 12.917.8* 9,4188,638null 12.811.5null
1600000US3637583Inwood CDP, New York66.465.1null 33.634.9null 7.613.1* 60,50953,648null 89.578.5* 10.521.5* 2,6362,901null 14.218.8null
1600000US3637869Islip CDP, New York87.389.8null 12.710.2null 3.87.7* 105,142104,318null 96.592.3* 3.57.7* 3,6994,346* 6.82.8*
1600000US3638022Islip Terrace CDP, New York91.893null 8.27null 3.98.7* 118,95099,145* 97.692.1* 2.47.9* 1,4391,251null 2.54.9null
1600000US3638539Jericho CDP, New York73.474.9null 26.625.1null 4.65.1null 161,771157,588null 97.394.8null 2.75.2null 3,1523,482null 5.43null
1600000US3639672Kings Park CDP, New York92.893.4null 7.26.6null 6.27.2null 103,666103,081null 97.594.8* 2.55.2* 3,6224,002null 3.15.5null
1600000US3639694Kings Point village, New York7265.3* 2834.7* 5.63.3null 123,750127,917null 98.197.6null 1.92.4null 1,4201,400null 2.75.5null
1600000US3640530Lake Grove village, New York88.186.9null 11.913.1null 2.45.1* 105,70999,594null 96.692.8* 3.47.2* 2,3582,920* 4.88.1null
1600000US3640838Lake Ronkonkoma CDP, New York87.690.1null 12.49.9null 5.57.2null 93,15894,627null 96.692* 3.48* 4,9554,690null 7.75.6null
1600000US3641003Lakeview CDP, New York74.773null 25.327null 7.710.8null 139,180110,833* 93.788.5null 6.311.5null 1,7341,540null 3.49.5null
1600000US3641553Lawrence village, New York90.284.5* 9.815.5* 1.42.2null 142,500143,958null 98.597.8null 1.52.2null 2,0342,018null 3.82.7null
1600000US3642081Levittown CDP, New York8687.1null 1412.9null 4.76.9* 119,426106,920* 96.893.4* 3.26.6* 11,01312,865* 4.32.5*
1600000US3642554Lindenhurst village, New York83.188.1* 16.911.9* 5.16.1null 92,17893,705null 95.290.7* 4.89.3* 5,4395,918null 6.24.4null
1600000US3643335Long Beach city, New York86.282.8* 13.817.2* 4.85.9null 93,72291,153null 94.788.3* 5.311.7* 5,4915,712null 6.910.2*
1600000US3643874Lynbrook village, New York84.982.6null 15.117.4null 4.78.2* 97,20695,607null 97.292.5* 2.87.5* 4,2834,543null 3.64.9null
1600000US3644787Malverne village, New York87.792.5* 12.37.5* 3.58.2* 119,500126,926null 97.695.6null 2.44.4null 1,7091,814null 2.71.2null
1600000US3644897Manhasset CDP, New York77.979.4null 22.120.6null 5.89.6null 133,456113,611null 95.496null 4.64null 2,0262,268null 5.56.4null
1600000US3645106Manorhaven village, New York64.665.4null 35.434.6null 5.513.1* 89,49277,408null 86.183.7null 13.916.3null 1,8511,595null 16.37.2*
1600000US3645139Manorville CDP, New York93.995.4null 6.14.6null 3.65.2null 96,160113,537* 97.395.2null 2.74.8null 3,9614,100null 7.92.8*
1600000US3645986Massapequa CDP, New York9594.7null 55.3null 2.66* 123,935131,599null 98.596.6* 1.53.4* 4,7865,471* 2.32null
1600000US3645997Massapequa Park village, New York94.194null 5.96null 48.3* 125,206117,927null 97.495.9null 2.64.1null 4,0724,324null 2.12.2null
1600000US3646074Mastic CDP, New York86.588.3null 13.511.7null 5.96.6null 79,84275,725null 93.184.1* 6.915.9* 4,2794,805null 1111.1null
1600000US3646085Mastic Beach village, New York90.895.2* 9.24.8* 6.211.4* 66,19071,905null 91.789.8null 8.310.2null 2,5974,365* 13.316.2null
1600000US3646404Medford CDP, New York88.487.9null 11.612.1null 66.2null 94,485101,114null 94.488.9* 5.611.1* 5,2756,153* 96.2null
1600000US3646514Melville CDP, New York86.187.5null 13.912.5null 4.15.4null 124,116124,663null 98.795.8* 1.34.2* 3,5724,969* 3.55.1null
1600000US3646668Merrick CDP, New York88.490.7null 11.69.3null 4.75.9null 154,770147,646null 98.496.8* 1.63.2* 4,6845,250* 2.92.3null
1600000US3646976Middle Island CDP, New York8991.2null 118.8null 5.96.1null 70,28874,483null 95.693.8null 4.46.2null 2,1702,261null 116.7null
1600000US3647306Miller Place CDP, New York93.594.4null 6.55.6null 4.46.6null 122,500120,375null 99.194.6* 0.95.4* 3,3683,451null 3.33.1null
1600000US3647636Mineola village, New York70.769.4null 29.330.6null 26.2* 96,25082,091* 96.791.2* 3.38.8* 3,6623,895null 4.35.5null
1600000US3649066Mount Sinai CDP, New York89.392.9null 10.77.1null 5.82.6* 122,273111,968null 97.295.7null 2.84.3null 2,7963,095null 7.32.2null
1600000US3649825Nesconset CDP, New York90.588.3null 9.511.7null 5.77.4null 121,670116,138null 98.694.3* 1.45.7* 3,7733,765null 24.3null
1600000US3650397New Hyde Park village, New York65.664.7null 34.435.3null 3.56.3null 126,210104,608* 94.392.2null 5.77.8null 2,3102,160null 3.34.2null
1600000US3651396North Amityville CDP, New York6968.6null 3131.4null 56.5null 73,51270,397null 91.280.2* 8.819.8* 4,9705,273null 7.710.7null
1600000US3651440North Babylon CDP, New York87.688.9null 12.411.1null 5.67.8null 99,72296,209null 93.591.5null 6.58.5null 3,7753,807null 6.53.7*
1600000US3651495North Bay Shore CDP, New York60.365.6null 39.734.4null 9.410.7null 87,77072,934* 91.983.7* 8.116.3* 6,5175,904null 10.97.4null
1600000US3651517North Bellmore CDP, New York89.489.2null 10.610.8null 5.25.9null 133,279108,785* 97.792.5* 2.37.5* 4,3834,934null 2.75.9null
1600000US3651528North Bellport CDP, New York80.682.5null 19.417.5null 6.25.1null 66,36475,218null 91.186.7null 8.913.3null 3,2393,722null 20.818.2null
1600000US3653022North Hills village, New York70.176.7null 29.923.3null 1.50.6null 137,423128,409null 98.398.6null 1.71.4null 639772null 0.61.9null
1600000US3653198North Lindenhurst CDP, New York72.677.4null 27.422.6null 4.510* 73,39380,361null 94.288.6* 5.811.4* 2,2673,313* 7.87.1null
1600000US3653253North Massapequa CDP, New York94.392.9null 5.77.1null 3.54.5null 118,401104,639null 98.295.2* 1.84.8* 4,1224,586* 4.44.1null
1600000US3653264North Merrick CDP, New York90.292.6null 9.87.4null 33.9null 129,058115,956null 98.495.5* 1.64.5* 3,1723,076null 2.22.7null
1600000US3653275North New Hyde Park CDP, New York66.472.5* 33.627.5* 3.27.7* 123,464116,603null 95.195.2null 4.94.8null 3,3993,584null 1.83.7*
1600000US3653319North Patchogue CDP, New York83.693.1* 16.46.9* 4.55.7null 100,73192,917null 96.892.3* 3.27.7* 1,8101,900null 7.48.1null
1600000US3653396Northport village, New York91.192.8null 8.97.2null 4.97null 115,068123,628null 97.296.2null 2.83.8null 1,5341,671null 5.12.8null
1600000US3653748North Valley Stream CDP, New York62.463.4null 37.636.6null 6.510.4* 113,355106,048null 93.690.5null 6.49.5null 3,8253,723null 3.75.1null
1600000US3653792North Wantagh CDP, New York92.193.5null 7.96.5null 3.63.9null 126,029104,203* 98.297.3null 1.82.7null 2,3562,813* 2.92.6null
1600000US3654144Oakdale CDP, New York94.192.7null 5.97.3null 56.5null 95,82292,039null 95.593.9null 4.56.1null 1,2291,539* 3.92.6null
1600000US3654441Oceanside CDP, New York88.688.1null 11.411.9null 5.26.5null 114,938104,282* 97.594.5* 2.55.5* 7,0356,654null 5.14null
1600000US3654551Old Bethpage CDP, New York91.689.8null 8.410.2null 1.35.8* 136,538114,861null 98.892.1* 1.27.9* 1,2521,532* 3.43.9null
1600000US3655992Oyster Bay CDP, New York87.686.6null 12.413.4null 4.66.7null 96,19884,732null 96.995null 3.15null 1,4291,237null 2.84.3null
1600000US3656660Patchogue village, New York83.585.1null 16.514.9null 4.46.3null 74,75271,438null 90.684.5null 9.415.5null 2,6152,855null 10.315.9null
1600000US3658409Plainedge CDP, New York88.687.2null 11.412.8null 2.55.2* 114,953110,444null 98.393.5* 1.76.5* 2,1092,008null 3.22.7null
1600000US3658442Plainview CDP, New York82.384.8* 17.715.2* 3.55.6* 143,534128,039* 97.895.8* 2.24.2* 6,1506,346null 4.32.6*
1600000US3659355Port Jefferson village, New York83.488null 16.612null 27.7* 108,592119,069* 9795null 35null 1,4641,545null 5.25.2null
1600000US3659377Port Jefferson Station CDP, New York87.680.9null 12.419.1null 612null 94,25986,824null 94.389.5null 5.710.5null 1,4872,001* 510.2null
1600000US3659520Port Washington CDP, New York81.578.9null 18.521.1null 3.48.7* 127,813125,431null 96.891.4* 3.28.6* 3,7804,328* 4.74.6null
1600000US3661665Ridge CDP, New York90.994.4* 9.15.6* 4.56.2null 67,36560,393null 97.196.7null 2.93.3null 2,5542,550null 7.67.9null
1600000US3661973Riverhead CDP, New York76.179.9null 23.920.1null 4.812.2* 57,77254,846null 89.876.3* 10.223.7* 2,6193,057null 16.315.5null
1600000US3663264Rockville Centre village, New York89.891.9null 10.28.1null 3.46.9* 114,483113,916null 98.197.3null 1.92.7null 5,9836,046null 4.45.7null
1600000US3663319Rocky Point CDP, New York93.195.4null 6.94.6null 5.19.1null 95,42296,071null 94.992.8null 5.17.2null 3,4963,943null 4.44.7null
1600000US3663473Ronkonkoma CDP, New York88.990.9null 11.19.1null 5.27.7* 100,75798,163null 95.991.5* 4.18.5* 3,9954,744* 4.94.3null
1600000US3663506Roosevelt CDP, New York67.269null 32.831null 7.110.8* 77,11371,128null 88.478* 11.622* 4,0584,352null 11.215.7null
1600000US3663814Roslyn Heights CDP, New York69.768.3null 30.331.7null 4.98.9* 129,276114,583null 92.988.9null 7.111.1null 1,7991,921null 7.43.9null
1600000US3664584St. James CDP, New York93.895.4null 6.24.6null 4.35.6null 109,493104,661null 96.995null 3.15null 2,9753,114null 33.4null
1600000US3665409Sayville CDP, New York94.896.6null 5.23.4null 2.98* 110,055112,375null 98.596.8* 1.53.2* 3,4124,044* 5.23.7null
1600000US3666047Sea Cliff village, New York87.990.8null 12.19.2null 2.75null 120,590112,500null 94.893.5null 5.26.5null 1,0631,139null 7.23.6null
1600000US3666058Seaford CDP, New York92.592.3null 7.57.7null 4.46.7* 127,515116,515null 98.295.5* 1.84.5* 3,3463,730null 2.82.4null
1600000US3666212Selden CDP, New York84.485.7null 15.614.3null 5.36.4null 92,78093,329null 94.490.8* 5.69.2* 4,3194,939* 6.26.8null
1600000US3666481Setauket-East Setauket CDP, New York87.387.1null 12.712.9null 3.34.9null 142,928140,588null 9897.4null 22.6null 3,0594,135* 2.32.7null
1600000US3667070Shirley CDP, New York88.386.6null 11.713.4null 5.66.2null 84,29689,066null 93.188.4* 6.911.6* 7,6096,637* 12.99.2null
1600000US3667851Smithtown CDP, New York92.993.7null 7.16.3null 2.97.7* 129,926117,740* 97.896.2* 2.23.8* 5,7617,122* 2.94.4null
1600000US3668374Sound Beach CDP, New York93.591.1null 6.58.9null 3.56.3null 98,27684,509null 9594null 56null 1,7802,248null 4.19null
1600000US3669001South Farmingdale CDP, New York89.890.4null 10.29.6null 2.27.1* 119,429111,298null 97.594.1* 2.55.9* 3,4123,377null 4.62.7null
1600000US3669254South Huntington CDP, New York86.390.6* 13.79.4* 5.79.4* 108,87597,072null 9595.1null 54.9null 2,0682,152null 9.54*
1600000US3669452Southold CDP, New York88.593.2null 11.56.8null 3.27.9null 81,22197,831null 94.293.4null 5.86.6null 1,0591,219null 11.12.1*
1600000US3669892South Valley Stream CDP, New York6168.9* 3931.1* 3.211* 131,086116,739null 96.191.4* 3.98.6* 1,7581,514null 2.56.9*
1600000US3670387Springs CDP, New York77.270.1null 22.829.9null 2.49* 94,50380,893null 89.582.6null 10.517.4null 1,3001,315null 11.56.8null
1600000US3671608Stony Brook CDP, New York8790.2* 139.8* 3.75.9* 130,202146,299null 98.797.3null 1.32.7null 2,9673,127null 7.13.6*
1600000US3671620Stony Brook University CDP, New York67.170.6null 32.929.4null 12.514.6null 121,563153,661null 96.797.4null 3.32.6null 1,9851,612* 00null
1600000US3672554Syosset CDP, New York75.579.7* 24.520.3* 33.9null 159,375144,155null 97.696.1* 2.43.9* 5,2055,142null 3.23.8null
1600000US3673352Terryville CDP, New York84.385.1null 15.714.9null 3.77.8null 104,06388,625null 96.991.4* 3.18.6* 2,8873,460null 11.64null
1600000US3676089Uniondale CDP, New York63.758.3* 36.341.7* 5.68.8* 80,16679,773null 89.578.9* 10.521.1* 7,3665,961* 11.510.8null
1600000US3676705Valley Stream village, New York65.265.9null 34.834.1null 6.410.8* 104,77392,813* 93.785.8* 6.314.2* 8,9389,058null 4.48.6*
1600000US3677772Wading River CDP, New York93.492.7null 6.67.3null 4.64.5null 126,458117,141null 97.596.7null 2.53.3null 1,7332,069null 5.23.3null
1600000US3678146Wantagh CDP, New York94.592.4null 5.57.6null 3.95null 145,193135,318null 98.697.5* 1.42.5* 4,4534,700null 2.32.9null
1600000US3679246West Babylon CDP, New York84.786.6null 15.313.4null 5.27.7* 93,42088,738null 94.790.6* 5.39.4* 9,28410,145* 4.95.6null
1600000US3679444Westbury village, New York63.165.2null 36.934.8null 4.95null 98,06592,396null 9181.9* 918.1* 3,0173,353null 75.1null
1600000US3680225West Hempstead CDP, New York77.977.4null 22.122.6null 4.79.1* 116,638104,973* 95.490* 4.610* 5,0774,767null 5.86.9null
1600000US3680258West Hills CDP, New York9287.9null 812.1null 1.66.4* 128,553118,290null 98.293.9* 1.86.1* 1,0871,062null 2.42.6null
1600000US3680302West Islip CDP, New York94.494.9null 5.65.1null 3.96.8* 115,513112,191null 96.894.6* 3.25.4* 5,8057,006* 5.23.4null
1600000US3682117Williston Park village, New York83.683.2null 16.416.8null 5.28.1null 106,813118,523null 97.195.7null 2.94.3null 1,7771,660null 2.73.3null
1600000US3682744Woodbury CDP, New York81.686.7* 18.413.3* 3.54null 168,605163,750null 99.498.8null 0.61.2null 1,6741,832null 32.7null
1600000US3682942Woodmere CDP, New York87.284.9null 12.815.1null 3.26.7* 128,889141,536null 98.495.3* 1.64.7* 5,9885,716null 4.24.3null
1600000US3683294Wyandanch CDP, New York7675.4null 2424.6null 10.99.9null 63,75056,735null 88.880.4* 11.219.6* 3,3113,157null 20.817.9null
1600000US3683426Yaphank CDP, New York90.491.2null 9.68.8null 3.55.4null 97,36792,903null 96.389.2* 3.710.8* 1,2461,170null 4.210.7*

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