Republican State Senator Jack Martins, left and Democrat Thomas Suozzi...

Republican State Senator Jack Martins, left and Democrat Thomas Suozzi are competing in the 3rd Congressional District. Credit: James Escher

Congressional contenders in the 3rd District — Republican State Sen. Jack Martins and Democrat Thomas Suozzi — have launched their first TV campaign ads, both starring their families.

Marge Suozzi, the former Nassau county executive’s 92-year old mother, headlines Suozzi’s spot, which began running Monday on cable channels; aides say it’s a $100,000-a-week buy.

Martins’ aides said their ad buy, which started nearly a week ago, will have cost $180,000 by the end of the week.

Martins’ ad features his wife and four daughters in their household kitchen.

Eldest daughter Kaitlin, 19, asks about an allowance. Martins responds that since she’s now in college, she can “get a job and earn your own paycheck,” adding “because I helped pass equal pay, you’ll get exactly what you deserve.”

Daughter Vanessa, 16, then says, “Now he’s going to talk about cutting taxes,” and Martins does, saying he “cut middle-class taxes to the lowest point in 70 years” and “we repealed the MTA tax for small business and schools.”

Changing the subject, Caroline, 8, says, “I just want to be a princess.”

Suozzi’s spot puts mother and son on a living room sofa. The candidate credits his mom for raising him to stand up and “do what’s right,” and Marge Suozzi says, “Tom’s always been a fighter and a problem solver.”

“Washington needs some fixing, someone to fight special interests and make government work again,” says Suozzi, adding that in the past he has taken on “big shots in Albany and when it mattered, even my own party.”

“We taught Tom to look out for the little guy,” his mother says. At the end, when Suozzi says he approves of the message, his mother ad-libs, “I do too.”

Marge Suozzi also sent out an email to 10,000 Suozzi supporters asking them to let her know how she did. In the email, she says she didn’t hesitate to appear in the ad: “I’m no different than any other mother. I think my son is terrific and I don’t mind telling anyone and everyone.”

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