Joel Escobar, 18, of Brentwood, seen here on March 2,...

Joel Escobar, 18, of Brentwood, seen here on March 2, 2016, pleaded guilty to rape, criminal sexual act and robbery for his role in the gang rape of a teenage girl on a Brentwood golf course on May 29, 2015, said Suffolk District Attorney Tom Spota.

The second defendant to be sentenced after being convicted of the rape and kidnapping of a 16-year-old girl on a Brentwood golf course last year will serve 12 years in prison, a term that his attorney said was an expected outcome of the case.

Joel Escobar, 18, was sentenced Wednesday to the term at about 11 a.m. said his attorney, Paul Barahal of Smithtown. He said the victim’s parents had submitted an impact statement that was read to the court before Suffolk County Court Judge Barbara Kahn in Riverhead.

“We expected that sentence at the time he took the plea,” Barahal said.

The sanction is the latest development in the case of the May 29, 2015 kidnapping and rape of the girl on the grounds of the Brentwood Country Club, a crime that prosecutors said was carried out by Escobar and two other men who first attacked the girl and a male friend near a Brentwood middle school.

Police have said both victims were robbed and beaten, the girl kidnapped and raped in the wooded area of a golf course. Assistant Suffolk District Attorney Nicholas Santomartino has said the attackers broke the man’s ribs and raped the girl in a briar patch, causing her to endure an especially excruciating sexual assault where she also suffered more than 200 cuts on her body.

One of Escobar’s co-defendants, Jose Cornejo, 17, was sentenced to a 15-year prison term in March. And a third defendant, Bryan Larios, 19, is awaiting trial.

Escobar had pleaded guilty in March to an array of violent offenses including first-degree rape, robbery, assault and kidnapping.

Cornejo had pleaded guilty in February to charges including first-degree rape, criminal sexual act, kidnapping and robbery.

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