An attack by a group of teenagers on a man after he confronted them over rowdy behavior Sunday night in Long Beach is under police investigation, city authorities told Newsday. 

The victim was examined by EMTs at the scene and refused further medical attention, city spokesman John McNally said Monday morning. The incident, which occurred about 11 p.m. near the intersection of Roosevelt Boulevard and Shore Road, lasted about seven minutes, McNally said. Police arrived within three minutes of receiving a 911 call and “are working to identify the youth that were involved,” he said.

Long Beach Police Commissioner Ronald Walsh told Newsday the incident seemed to have started after “one of the residents went out to confront youth that were being noisy.” Detectives were investigating video of the encounter and looking for witnesses. Walsh asked that anyone with information call detectives at 516-705-7320.

He said police believe the youths involved ranged in age from 15 to 18 and were local, partly because some of them were on bicycles. 

The incident occurred shortly before the start of classes at area schools Tuesday, on a night when police also responded to calls about noisy youth on Neptune and Pacific boulevards.

"All summer long, kids on bikes are hanging out, making noise — the neighbors complain, we show up and take appropriate action,” Walsh said. Those gatherings rarely lead to criminal activity, he said.

“This is disturbing, we take it seriously, and we have every intention of identifying the suspects who hit this man,” Walsh said. 

Adam Kramer, a real estate broker who shot video from his nearby building while his girlfriend called 911, said the victim was “punched and kicked” and left with a black eye. 

Kramer said the area, near the end of the boardwalk, was a popular gathering spot for young people.

“It’s been happening all summer where these kids have been gathering … Police roll up, the kids run off in different directions … I’ve never seen kids get violent like this.”


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