Racist graffiti found in a bathroom at Smithtown High School East last week prompted school officials to contact the police and ask parents in a letter to speak to their children about the seriousness and consequences of such acts, according to the letter sent Friday.

The racist graffiti, which was not detailed in the letter, was found in a bathroom stall at the school, according to the letter. District officials said they referred the incident to the Suffolk County police, which visited the school, the letter said.

Suffolk County police said they responded to a call at the school about graffiti Friday and are investigating.

The letter was signed by schools Superintendent Mark Secaur, school board president Matthew Gribbin and other members of the board of education.

"This news is greatly upsetting, but it is important for our school community to be made aware of such incidents and work collaboratively to oppose hate whenever it occurs," said the letter.

The letter added, "Should we identify the person responsible for this incident, strict disciplinary action and possible criminal charges will ensue."

The school officials noted in the letter that the schools have "a moral and legal obligation to provide a safe, supportive environment for all of our students."

School officials asked parents to discuss the matter with their children and "to encourage them to make good decisions that respect every student's right to attend school in a safe and supportive environment."

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