It's the latest phone scam: a caller claiming to be the State Police advises recipients there's a pending case against them and requests personal information, police said Friday.

But, State Police said law enforcement officials would never solicit money or request personal information over the phone — so beware.

Making the scam more realistic is that scammers have managed to spoof the real number for State Police Troop L Headquarters, which shows on caller ID as 631-756-3300.

The best option, police said, is to let these calls go to voicemail. Then, if you have any questions about the authenticity of the call, return the call later.

Outgoing callers will reach actual State Police, who said they learned of the scam when call recipients began phoning them to ask about the calls.

"Please do not give any of your personal information over the phone unless you are 100% sure you know who you are speaking with and if you have ANY hesitation, simply hang up," State Police said in a news release.

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