Susan Mendez and Taurean Midgett renewed their vows at a...

Susan Mendez and Taurean Midgett renewed their vows at a celebration party on Aug. 24, 2023. Credit: JoVon Photography

It’s not every couple that gets engaged at their son’s 11th birthday party, married in a parent’s back yard and then renews their vows at the reception — a year later.

But for Susan Mendez, 39, and Taurean Midgett, 40, that approach worked just fine.

“I was actually surprised when he proposed,” Mendez said. “It felt special because it was on our son’s birthday....He proposed in July (2022) and we got married right away, just the two of us.”

The proposal was a shock for everyone, Midgett said. “I asked him (my son) during the party if I could marry his mother and he was so excited. Nobody else knew what was going on. I told them, ‘Get your phones ready.’ “

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Midgett set it up with his son so that when he played Beyoncé’s “1+1” he was supposed to ask his mom to dance. “Then I cut in and I got on my knee to propose,” Midgett said.

The Glen Head pair, who started dating in 2010 and now own a home improvement-restoration company, have a long history, Mendez said. “We met at the club GLO in Westbury, then we interacted a year later. It was funny, we broke up for three years and then came back together. There’s been a lot of ups and downs.”

Said Midgett, “We do have a story, and it’s a successful story. A friend said our comeback story was something special. I just thought it was our life.”

The couple married Sept. 3, 2022, in a small family ceremony. They then renewed their vows with a pastor at a celebration party on Aug. 24, 2023, at The Piermont in Babylon. They were attended by nine bridesmaids and groomsmen and 200 guests.

The wedding celebration included a cigar station, Midgett said, and at the end of the evening there was a snack truck and guests could get a goody bag to go, Midgett said.

“When you’re in the middle of it, you can’t really enjoy it,” Midgett said, “but the feedback has been great. It was well worth it. We like to boogie.”


The couple renewed their vows at The Piermont in Babylon, after a small ceremony a year earlier in a parent's back yard.


The Piermont catered the reception. Midgett estimated they spent $90,000 on the festivities.


The couple traveled to Greece, visiting Athens and the islands of Mykonos and Santorini.


"The Matrimony" by Wale


Five things Midgett loves about his wife: Her feistiness, her curves, her cooking, the way she holds the family together and takes control of the household, and the way she cares for their children.

Five things Mendez loves about her husband: He's a great dad, his smile, his sense of humor, he's a family man, and he's romantic.


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