Sheriff: Escape thwarted

A Suffolk County inmate attempted to escape from the Riverhead jail Wednesday morning, but was stopped by a correction officer, the sheriff's office said.

Matthew Hubrins, 30, who is charged with second-degree murder in the 2012 killing of his stepfather, tried to scale an inside fence in the far corner of the jail recreation yard about 10:20 a.m. Wednesday, officials said, but Correction Officer Barbara McFadden thwarted his attempt.

After her normal tour of the inside of the yard, McFadden saw Hubrins heading toward the yard's far corner, where he started to climb the fence. McFadden immediately ordered the inmate to the ground, but he didn't comply until he reached the multiple layers of razor wire near the top of the fence.

After Hubrins descended the fence, there was a brief standoff and McFadden called for help. Sgt. Richard Schenkman responded, and Hubrins was again told to get on the ground. This time, he did; he was handcuffed and escorted back to jail, officials said.

On June 16, 2012, Hubrins was arrested in the fatal stabbing of his stepfather, Noel Mohammed, 44, as he lay in bed in his Huntington house. Hubrins was arraigned the next day and was given no bail.

Mohammed was a well-known and beloved figure in his community. He had worked as a postal carrier for 18 years and had served as a Christian minister for more than a decade.


Fourth arrest in drug deal

A week after three people were arrested in a botched drug deal that turned into a car crash and a shooting, police Wednesday announced the arrest of a fourth person in connection with the case.

Christopher Golsby, 30, of Brooklyn, was arrested Tuesday and charged with first-degree robbery in connection with the botched deal, which took place April 23 in Central Islip. Golsby pleaded not guilty at arraignment Wednesday in First District Court in Central Islip. He was held without bail in county jail.

Suffolk County police said Golsby and three others -- the previously arrested Guillermo Quinones, 24, of Hazelton, Pa., Rene Barahona, 25, of Arverne, Queens, and, June Colon, 17, of Central Islip -- were among "two groups of individuals" that met at Prospect Street and Ridge Avenue about 12:30 p.m. April 23 for "a prearranged drug sale." Police said that the individuals who were attempting to buy the drugs displayed a weapon -- and stole marijuana from the sellers of the drugs.

The robbers then fled in an Acura MDX, police said, but were chased by the alleged dealers, who were in a Volvo S60. The robbers then crashed at the intersection of Suffolk Avenue and Allyn Drive, detectives said.

One occupant in the Acura then "fired shots" at the occupants of the Volvo, according to police.

The four suspects were in the Acura, police said.

Quinones, Barahona and Colon were arraigned April 25. Quinones was ordered held without bail. Colon's bail was set at $100,000 cash and $300,000 bond. Bail for Barahona, who was arraigned in the hospital, was set at $900,000 bond or $450,000 cash. All three are due back in court on May 5.


Guilty plea in fondling case

A Department of Motor Vehicles employee from Hempstead pleaded guilty Tuesday to fondling a woman as he gave her a road test, Westchester County prosecutors said.

Jean Almonacy, 55, pleaded guilty to two counts of forcible touching in Westchester County Court.

As part of a plea deal, he is to be sentenced to six years' probation under sex-offender conditions when he returns to court Aug. 5.

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