The weather forecast for Saturday.

The weather forecast for Saturday. Credit: Newsday

Long Islanders are likely to be waking up Saturday to some wet, windy, stormy weather, expected to roll in during the early morning hours, forecasters said

On the menu, according to the National Weather Service: Periods of rain, moderate to heavy at times, potentially lasting into the afternoon for most of the Island; thunderstorms, which could still be around midmorning or so; and winds from the south, gusting up to around 30 mph.

All that could well lead to flash flooding, with a watch in place through at least Saturday afternoon. That was as of the forecast Friday afternoon, which also indicated an inch or so of rainfall for the Island, though that could be higher in localized spots.

Excessive runoff from any drenchers could mean rapid flooding of roadways, underpasses and other poor drainage areas.

Such pop-up floods are not to be messed with, the weather service said, as we’re talking about “a very dangerous situation.” Anyone out and about Saturday should stay tuned for “flash flood warning” language.

If you’re heading into an area where water has collected at an undetermined depth, Joe Pollina, weather service meteorologist, warns you to “Turn around, don’t drown,” a saying emphasized not just for its rhyme scheme.


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