Carole and Hank Perchik, formerly of Plainview, were married in...

Carole and Hank Perchik, formerly of Plainview, were married in June 1954. The couple celebrated their 63rd anniversary in 2017. Credit: Perchik family

Carole and Hank Perchik, formerly of Plainview, recently celebrated their 63rd anniversary. Carole recalls the night they met and their courtship.

Our love story began on Feb. 14, 1953. Hank and I met at a Brooklyn College House Plan party on Manhattan’s Lower East Side. A House Plan was the City College of New York’s alternative to a sorority and fraternity.

The party was open to students from other colleges. I was a senior at Hunter College in Manhattan, and my name back then was Carole Miller.

Hank asked me to dance; he was really good. We began talking and he told me he had graduated from City College and was attending Columbia University at night. During the day he was working as an engineer. He was 21 and I was 18. At one point during our conversation he mentioned that he had a car.

Later on he asked if he could take me home. Assuming we’d ride in his car, I immediately accepted his offer. However, when we got outside we headed for the subway. Hank had neglected to tell me he didn’t have a license yet and, besides that, his old Oldsmobile had an oil leak.

We took the subway to my home in Sheepshead Bay, Brooklyn. Before he turned around for the hour trip back to Manhattan, he took my phone number.

At school on Monday, I told some girls about a nice guy I met named Hank. They said they knew him and that I should not expect a call from him until the end of the week. Well, Hank called me that evening and asked me on a date. He took me to see a Broadway play, “The Children’s Hour,” and then we went to a restaurant for dinner. That clinched the deal. A few months later he received his driver’s license and began picking me up from Hunter College in the old Oldsmobile for our dates. Hank always kept a spare can of oil with him since the car was still leaking oil.

Our courtship continued and, after I graduated, we were married on June 27, 1954, at Adler Caterers in Brooklyn. I taught second grade for the New York City Schools in Bushwick for the next three years, and Hank continued working as an engineer.

In 1957 we moved to our home in Plainview. Our house backed up to a farm, with cows and all! I became a full-time homemaker and mom while Hank worked at Hartman Systems in Melville.

Plainview was, and is, a wonderful place to raise children. Our three children went on to raise their own families. We have six grandchildren and two great-grandchildren who add great happiness to our lives. In the meantime, I happily resumed my teaching career in 1970 with the Brentwood School District. I retired in 1999, but was a part-time ESL teacher for 17 years at the Long Island Educational Opportunity Center in Farmingdale. In 1997, Hank retired from his engineering job with Loral Systems in Westchester. We have always enjoyed traveling and have been to Israel, Greece, Turkey and Russia.

This past June, we took a trip to California to visit our two daughters and our sons-in-law to celebrate our 63rd anniversary. A few weeks ago we moved from Plainview to California to be near them.

— With Virginia Dunleavy

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