Linda and Scott Fairgrieve of Mineola, left, at their wedding...

Linda and Scott Fairgrieve of Mineola, left, at their wedding in October 1976, and at the celebration of their 40th anniversary in October 2016.

Linda Fairgrieve of Mineola recalls the day she met future husband, Scott.

In December 1973 my life was changed forever. I was 19 and working in the Swirbul Library at Adelphi University in Garden City, where I was a physical education major. I was walking downstairs when I saw a young man coming up the stairs. He was wearing plaid polyester striped pants that clashed with his striped sweater. I thought, “This is the Seventies. Where are his blue jeans?”

The next day in the library I heard a voice ask, “Will you go out with me?” I looked up and it was the young man. He said his name was Scott Fairgrieve. He lived in Garden City and came to the library to study. Scott, 22, had graduated from Adelphi and was attending St. John’s University Law School in Queens. I introduced myself — my name was Linda Massa then — and agreed to go out with him.

Our first date was on the squash courts at Adelphi, where Scott taught me how to play. Afterward, when he emerged from the locker room wearing a brown/olive London Fog raincoat, I looked at him and heard music. It was like a signal that he was the one. Then we headed to Howard Johnson’s for ice cream sodas.

Our dates were infrequent since Scott spent most of his time studying. Our second date was at a New Year’s Eve party, where we had our first kiss.

I liked Scott’s outgoing personality and that he cared about people. I remember that whenever someone was stuck on the highway, Scott would drive to a phone to call for help. After we were married he brought home a woman whose car was stuck in the snow. She had dinner with us, and then Scott and his friend helped get her car going.

On Oct. 2, 1976, we were married at the Church of Saint Joseph in Garden City, followed by a reception at Antun’s in Hicksville. We also graduated school that year.

We bought a house in my hometown of Mineola, where Scott started his law practice. He is now a District Court judge for Nassau County and an acting County Court judge. I am a claims examiner with Claims Service Bureau of New York in Lynbrook.

We both served separate terms as trustees for the Village of Mineola, were members of the Chamber of Commerce and for many years were involved with the Mineola Mustang Run, raising money for various village organizations.

Scott and I run in races and play golf together. He also enjoys playing tennis, and I like to play Mah-Jongg.

We celebrated our 40th anniversary by renewing our vows at the Nassau Bar Association with family and friends. I wore my original wedding dress and veil. At the ceremony, our son gave me away, our daughter was my maid of honor, our son-in-law was Scott’s best man and our daughter-in-law assisted our grandson, who was the ring bearer. It was followed by a brunch, where we toasted our family and friends for making our lives fuller. The day was magical.

It should be noted that only in the past five years or so has Scott purchased clothes without me being present to approve.

— With Virginia Dunleavy

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