Mike Terry, left, hands a baseball to his son. The...

Mike Terry, left, hands a baseball to his son. The baseball was thrown by Mets player David Wright with the intention of reaching Ethan Edelman, 10, seen on the right with his glove. (June 5, 2010) Credit: Video frame grab / PIX 11 TV

Ethan Edelman, 10, of Syosset, left the Mets game at Citi Field Sunday with a smile on his face and two baseballs in his mitt - but only after a ball tossed to him by Mets third baseman David Wright ended up in another kid's glove.

Ethan was about to receive a ball from Wright when it was intercepted by another boy's father, a Mets spokesman said Monday.

The crowd booed the father, Mike Terry of Commack.

Ethan said he was all set to catch a baseball he thought was meant for him. After all, he said it was being tossed into the stands where he stood - and Ethan had met eyes with the popular infielder, Ethan's favorite player. Lastly, Ethan was wearing the Mets jersey bearing Wright's number, 5.

"David Wright picked up the foul ball and he threw it directly at me," Ethan, who is also a shortstop and pitcher, said as he prepared for soccer practice Monday. "We had eye contact and this guy leaped in front of me and he got it. Everybody was saying 'Boo!' in the section, so he gave it to his son and then he gave it back to me, and that was it."

The spokesman said Terry didn't realize Wright was throwing the ball to Ethan, said he never saw him, and had reached out and grabbed the ball to give his 3-year-old son, identified as Mackey Terry.

The incident happened with the Mets en route to a 7-6 win over the Marlins, their eighth-straight win at Citi Field.

Ethan, whom pictures show was standing with his aunt, identified as Karen Ferreira of Syosset, appeared stunned as Mike Terry took the ball and handed it to his own son.

Terry "said he didn't realize what was going on until the crowd started to react," the spokesman told Newsday.

Terry, who could not be reached for comment, later gave the ball to Ethan.

The third base umpire, Mike Winters, also tossed a ball to Ethan, according to reports.

Each of the Terry brothers also got a ball, the Mets said.

Between innings, the Marlins tossed a ball to Mackey Terry's older brother, Michael, the Mets said. When Wright returned to the field he brought a baseball - guaranteeing all of the boys got a baseball.

"The Mets had a great day on the field," the spokesman said, "David in particular . . . Everybody got a foul ball, everybody went home happy."

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