Hewlett Harbor Village trustees asked Nassau County police to stop issuing warnings and start giving tickets to drivers breaking traffic laws.

The request came at Thursday night's board meeting, where village officials complained to a Nassau police officer about drivers frequently running stop signs and speeding in the village.

"We want more traffic enforcement that has to do with stop signs, speed and traffic infractions," Mayor Mark Weiss said.

Police Officer Scott Solarino, who is assigned to patrol the village and surrounding areas, told the board he gives courtesy warnings to residents of the village.

"We are trying to say this is not going to be tolerated and we give them a warning," Solarino said.

Last month, five moving violations were issued. Solarino pointed out that one of the tickets was to a village resident. But trustee Michael Yohai reiterated that police need to enforce traffic laws no matter where the driver lives.

"Our position is even though you want to be nice . . . we want the traffic rules upheld," said Yohai, who also is the village's police commissioner.

At the meeting, the trustees also approved a $1.1-million budget for the 2011-12 fiscal year with no tax increase.

"We are actually running with a balanced budget. Wouldn't the White House be jealous?" Weiss joked.

Officials also plan to improve the village's look by removing wood posts used as street signs and installing new metal signs. The village is searching for three to five residents to help choose the style for the new signs.

"This is going to be a big deal," Weiss said. He added, "This is going to be here for the next 50 years."

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