The Glen Head Post Office is located at 240 Glen Head...

The Glen Head Post Office is located at 240 Glen Head Rd. Credit: Reece T. Williams

The post office in Glen Head, a tiny North Shore hamlet, is shut due to "partial roof damage," a spokeswoman said.

While "all mail deliveries for Glen Head Post Office customers will continue as normal," the post office said in a statement, customers who need stamps or other services will have to shop online at or go to a nearby location such as Glenwood Landing or Greenvale.

People who collect their mail at the Glen Head Post Office can still do so. Individuals who are notified they missed a package can pick them up from noon to 2 p.m., on Monday to Saturday, provided they have the proper identification, the statement said.

No post office employees were harmed when part of the roof came down, according to the statement.

"We moved our operations on Jan. 4 and we don’t have a timeline for the repairs," the post office said. "It is not our building, we are just the tenants."

It added, "The building’s owner is conducting the repairs and we cannot speak on their behalf."

The post office building is owned by Andifred Realty Corp., a Seattle-based firm, according to property records.

No telephone number is listed for Andifred; calls to its CEO's personal telephones were not immediately returned.

"We received our mail every day; our mail service was not interrupted," said Margaret Dayre, who has lived in the hamlet for 18 years, and is the human resources administrator at its Gold Coast Public Library.

Steven Warshaw, a resident since 2007, and a rRealtor who serves as the president of the Gold Coast Business Association, said in this close-knit community, "We know our mailmen; we wave to them."

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