A firefighter battles a blaze at a home on Magnolia...

A firefighter battles a blaze at a home on Magnolia Boulevard in Long Beach on Thursday that left two firefighters injured.  Credit: Jim Staubitser

Two Long Beach firefighters were injured Thursday in a local, residential blaze that started in the attic and took seven departments to subdue, authorities said.

One hurt his back and another had minor burns and smoke inhalation battling the flames that started shortly after 4 p.m. at a two-family house on West Hudson Street, said Long Beach Fire Commissioner Scott Kemins. 

Two adults were home at the time, but got out safely, he said.

The fire appears to have started in the attic, authorities said, and it took about 75 firefighters to put out the blaze. 

"You had a large volume of fire in the attic, which is kind of a confined space, hard to get to, so it was a labor intensive fire," Kemins said. Firefighters, who wear about 80 pounds of gear and equipment, took turns putting out the flames and resting to avoid heat exhaustion and other injuries, he said.

Significant damage on the roof and second floor made the house off limits for the occupants, he said.

The fire dispaced seven adults and two children, Kemins said, but the Red Cross is helping them. The two firefighters were treated at hospitals and released, he said.

Investigators from the Nassau County fire marshal's office determined it was an electricial fire, which was put under control in about 45 minutes.

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