Nassau County police have arrested three men and charged them with stealing $55,000 from a Long Beach man and killing him.

A fourth person, a woman, was charged with conspiracy in connection with the crime, police said Thursday night.

Police said Thursday that Corey Grier, 27, and Eric Baldwin, 25, both of Freeport, and Todd Brant, 20, of Middle Island, conspired to rob James Diamond, 28, of Long Beach, on Sept. 10.

The three were identified as gang members by police, but detectives said the robbery was not gang-related.

Thursday night, police announced the arrest of Anyibel Madera, 23, of Smith Street in Freeport, who was charged with four-degree conspiracy and fourth-degree criminal facilitation. She will be arraigned Friday in First District Court in Hempstead.

The three men were all charged with first-degree armed robbery and second-degree murder. Grier and Baldwin were also charged with criminal possession of a weapon. They were remanded to the Nassau County jail after their arraignments in First District Court in Hempstead.

Baldwin's lawyer, Jeff Groder of Mineola, said he had just met his client "so I really can't comment too specifically on the charges."

Brant's lawyer, Jason Russo of Hempstead, said he plans to defend the case "vigorously" and added "My client is adamant he had nothing to do with this homicide."

Justin Feinman, Grier's attorney, said his client denies the allegations against him.

The killing happened after Grier learned Diamond was planning to cash a check that he received from his lawyer for $55,000 which he was awarded in a legal settlement, Nassau County homicide Det. Lt. Stephen Fitzpatrick said Thursday.

Grier and Diamond were part of the same rap group and were recording music and partying on Sept. 9, Fitzpatrick said.

The two went to a check-cashing store the next day, where Diamond received $55,000 in cash. Grier told his co-conspirators that Diamond had the money and arranged for Diamond to buy illegal contraband in front of a home in Freeport, Fitzpatrick said.

Grier told Diamond to go to the home on South Bay Avenue in Freeport to make the buy. While Diamond and a friend were waiting in the car, they were forced out of the car and robbed him at gunpoint, Fitzpatrick said.

"As the victims sat in their car, Grier, Brant, Baldwin and others initiated their plan and committed an armed robbery of the victims in order to steal James Diamond’s $55,000 in cash," Fitzpatrick said. "During this armed robbery, Eric Baldwin shot and killed James Diamond while stealing the cash."

The assailants sped away in two vehicles but were later arrested. The cash has not been recovered, police said.

Police said assailants fled to Pennsylvania and Suffolk County after the killing and returned to Nassau County weeks later.

Grier, Brant and Baldwin were arrested Wednesday by Nassau County homicide detectives and the U.S. Marshals’ fugitive task force.

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