An NYPD officer was shot in the Bronx Tuesday night but...

An NYPD officer was shot in the Bronx Tuesday night but is expected to survive, authorities said. Credit: Danielle Silverman

An NYPD officer was shot in the leg Tuesday night in the Bronx as he struggled with a 16-year-old boy armed with a handgun that fired and hit them both, Police Commissioner Keechant Sewell said.

The shooting happened about 9:30 p.m. on Lorillard Place near Third Avenue, Sewell said. The officer, based at the 48th Precinct, was taken to St. Barnabas Hospital in the Bronx, as was the teen, and both are expected to survive, police said.

A single round from the suspect's semiautomatic handgun struck the officer, who has been on the force four years, Sewell said at the hospital.

Officers had ordered the 16-year-old to remove his hands from his pocket but he refused and a struggle ensued, Sewell said.

"There was a single round fired from the suspect's firearm that struck the suspect in his left groin area, and then exited the suspect and struck the officer in the right leg," she said.

"There are too many illegal guns on the streets of New York City," Sewell said at a news conference with Mayor Eric Adams and other NYPD officials.

Too many times, the commissioner said, "those who are carrying" weapons "are young."

Sewell said uniformed officers in two unmarked police vehicles went to try to address "a large disorderly group of individuals."

NYPD Chief of Detectives James Essig said the location is known for drugs, gangs and disorderly groups.

The bullet that hit the officer below the knee was fired from a 9mm SIG Sauer, Essig said. The gun had been stolen in October 2020 from York County, South Carolina, according to Essig.

The teen is on probation for an arrest in May 2020 for gun possession nearby, police said.

In November, two NYPD officers were shot and wounded in a Bronx gunfight in the 48th precinct, seconds after they approached a man sitting on the steps of a residence on Beaumont Avenue and he opened fire, police said at the time. One of the wounded officers was shot in the left armpit, within inches of his heart.

The other injured officer returned fire, hitting the suspect, whose weapon had been stolen in Georgia, police said.

The officers and the suspect were also treated at St. Barnabas.

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