PHILADELPHIA -- Norm Willey, a former Pro Bowl defensive end with the Philadelphia Eagles, died Thursday in Newark, Del. He was 83.

Nicknamed "Wild Man," Willey played in 92 games for the Eagles from 1950-1957 and earned All-Pro selections three times (1953, '54, '55).

Willey will be remembered in football circles for an incredible game he had on Oct. 26, 1952. According to accounts, in a game against the New York Giants, he posted 17 tackles of quarterback Charley Conerly behind the line of scrimmage.

But sacks were not recorded as official statistics back then, so he is not known as the single-game sack leader in NFL history. That title belongs to former Kansas City Chiefs linebacker Derrick Thomas, who posted seven on Nov. 11, 1990, against the Seattle Seahawks. -- AP

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