Jorge Semprun, a Spanish-born author who drew from experiences as an anti-fascist resistance fighter, concentration camp inmate and exiled intellectual to write several acclaimed books about the Holocaust and screenplays, died Tuesday at his home in Paris. He was 87, and no cause of death was reported.

Semprun combined politics and literature in a deeply personal way. Committed to left-wing politics, he channeled his literary talents into Oscar-nominated screenplays, including director Constantin Costa-Gavras' "Z." In recent years, Semprun had received prestigious literary awards in Europe and Israel for championing individual freedom of expression.

For years, he had been persona non grata in his homeland after his bestselling 1977 memoir, "The Autobiography of Federico Sanchez," cast doubt on the extent to which the Socialist Party had broken with its Stalinist roots.

Semprun's early marriage, to French actress and playwright Loleh Bellon, ended in divorce. Semprun later married Colette Leloup, who died in 2007. Survivors include five children from that marriage.

The Washington Post

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