John Gomez, the Republican running against Steve Israel in the 2nd Congressional District, picks up an endorsement today from former NYC Mayor/presidential candidate Rudy Giuliani. Giuliani will host a Sept. 30 fundraiser for Gomez, the campaign says.

The usefulness of this endorsement in a general election in a district in which Giuliani never received a vote for anything remains unclear, but having the endorsement probably beats not having it. The wisdom of announcing the endorsement on the eve of a hurricane when Newsday is going nuts on another major political story might leave something to be desired, but hey, you work with what you've got.

In any event, here's the Gomez announcement: 


"America's Mayor" lends his support to Long Island Businessman, John Gomez's Congressional Campaign

For Immediate Release: September 2, 2010

Today, former New York City Mayor, Rudolph "Rudy" Giuliani has issued the following statement in regards to his endorsement of local businessman John Gomez, the Republican/Conservative candidate for New York's 2nd congressional district.

Mayor Rudy Giuliani stated:

"In this election, the American people are looking for a leader. They are looking for a leader who is independent of party politics, for a leader who listens to the concerns of the people, for a leader who will be their voice. That leader is John Gomez.

"Born and raised on Long Island, John Gomez knows the issues that personally affect the people in the 2nd congressional district and he deeply cares about your concerns. John Gomez knows that he will be going to Washington D.C. to do a job. He knows that you will be his boss and that he will be working for you - and only you.

"That's why I support John Gomez for Congress.

"The choice is clear this November. You can vote for a candidate who is steeped in party politics, who is at the beck and call of Nancy Pelosi and who is looking to move up the political ladder by pleasing those inside the Beltway. Or you can vote for John Gomez, a successful businessman who knows what it take to get Long Islanders back to work!

"Send John Gomez to Washington. John Gomez will fight for you!"

On September 30th, Rudy Giuliani is scheduled to be on Long Island for a fundraiser to support John Gomez.

"To have Mayor Rudy Giuliani's support is a tremendous honor," said John Gomez. "As a crime fighter, a lawmaker and a businessman, Rudy Giuliani has a proven record of success. I have a deep respect his for his leadership and for his constant vigilance against those who threaten our American way of life."