Since a few internet users are still seriously thinking that Google really changed its name to Topeka, we'll refrain here from putting up April Fools postings that folks could confuse you with the literally true. But don't think it didn't cross some minds around here. Examples of what might have been posted -- if we were changing our focus to compete with, say the Onion:

1. Suffolk Exec Steve Levy announces he's sick of being a Republican -- and, less than a month after switching his affiliation, is founding the new "Whatever It Takes" party, becoming its first registrant, and then purging the disloyal from its ranks.

2. Ed Mangano, Nassau executive, moves to settle the assessment problem in his county by introducing a bill guaranteeing that all future local property and school taxes will be paid by well-heeled Democratic campaign contributors.

3. NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg proposes a city charter amendment stating that conflict-of-interest restrictions may only apply to officials earning a household income of less than $400,000 a year.

4. Andrew Cuomo, state attorney general, announces an out-of-court settlement with financial firms barring campaign contributions to unapproved candidates whose tax returns are not registered with his office.

5. Gov. David Paterson suddenly leaps in popularity polls, with GOP and Democratic voters abruptly convinced he has the state on the right track.

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