Long Islanders rallied at a Port Jefferson intersection Wednesday afternoon calling for all votes to be counted and in support of Joe Biden. Over in Bellmore, people gathered at a rally to support the president. Credit: Newsday / Chris Ware, Reece Williams

What happened:

  • The Associated Press called Wisconsin and Michigan for former Vice President Joe Biden, giving him 264 electoral votes overall — and bringing him within six of winning the election. A victory in Nevada would get the Democratic challenger to 270 in his race against President Donald Trump.
  • Trump's campaign requested a recount in Wisconsin and filed lawsuits in Michigan as well as Pennsylvania and Georgia, which both remain undecided. Read about the long-expected legal blitz.
  • Long Island voters described the presidential election as the most important one in their lifetime and said it will decide the fundamental direction of the country.

Trump campaign sues in 3rd state: Georgia

President Donald Trump's campaign and the Georgia Republican Party have filed a lawsuit against the Chatham County Board of Elections asking a judge to order the county to secure and account for ballots received after 7 p.m. on Election Day.

State party chair David Shafer said in a statement Wednesday night that they planned to sue in a dozen counties.

The lawsuit alleges that a Republican observer watched a poll worker take unprocessed absentee ballots from a back room and mix them into processed absentee ballots waiting to be tabulated.

In Georgia, ballots must be received by 7 p.m. on Election Day in order to count. Chatham County contains Savannah and leans Democratic. — THE ASSOCIATED PRESS

Trump wins 4 of 5 Nebraska votes; Biden gets 1

WASHINGTON — President Donald Trump has won four of Nebraska's five electoral votes, while Democrat Joe Biden has won one electoral vote from the state.

The 1st Congressional District was called for Trump early Wednesday. He also won the 3rd Congressional District earlier, as well as the statewide vote. Trump gets one electoral vote for each congressional district, plus two electoral votes for winning the statewide vote.

Biden's win in the 2nd Congressional District, which includes Omaha, is a flip from 2016, when Trump narrowly won it against Democrat Hillary Clinton.

While Trump easily carried the state itself, Nebraska is one of only two states that divides its electoral votes.

In 2016, Trump won all five of Nebraska’s electoral votes. — THE ASSOCIATED PRESS

Twitter hides Trump tweet

Twitter is hiding an election-related post by President Donald Trump, warning that its content is disputed and could be misleading.

Trump stated without evidence early Wednesday that Democrats were trying to "STEAL" the election. He also falsely said votes cannot be cast after polls are closed.

States allow voters to cast ballots if they are in line when polls close. Some states also allow mail-in ballots postmarked by Election Day but received later to be counted.

Trump's tweet came after his Democratic challenger, Joe Biden, delivered remarks as the race was too early to call in key battleground states.

Biden told his supporters to be patient while all the votes are counted.

Twitter says placing a warning on the tweet is in line with its "Civic Integrity Policy." The tweet is still visible after clicking through the warning. — THE ASSOCIATED PRESS

Trump expected to speak soon, following Biden remarks

President Donald Trump says he’s planning to make a statement early Wednesday morning as the race remains too close to call.

Neither Trump nor Democrat Joe Biden has reached the 270 Electoral College vote threshold.

Trump is insisting by tweet that "Votes cannot be cast after the Polls are closed!" even though, in multiple states, ballots can be counted if they arrive after after Election Day.

Many of the battleground states have yet to be called, including Arizona, Georgia, Michigan, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Texas and Wisconsin.

Trump won Florida, Iowa and Ohio, while Biden carried New Hampshire and Minnesota. It takes 270 electoral votes to win the presidency. — THE ASSOCIATED PRESS

Tuberville flips Alabama seat for Republicans

MONTGOMERY, Ala. — Former college football coach Tommy Tuberville has recaptured a U.S. Senate seat for Republicans by defeating Sen. Doug Jones in Alabama. Jones been widely been considered the Senate's most endangered Democrat.

Republicans had made taking back the once reliably conservative seat a priority in 2020. Tuberville, who has never held public office and last coached four years ago, aligned himself closely with President Donald Trump and declared in the primary campaign: "God sent us Donald Trump."

"Alabama, welcome back to the Republican U.S. Senate," Tuberville shouted after taking the stage to loud cheers at his election night party in downtown Montgomery. — THE ASSOCIATED PRESS

Democrats pick up Senate seat in Colorado

WASHINGTON — Republicans suffered a first setback in the battle for Senate control Tuesday as Democrats picked up a seat in Colorado, but other races were still too early to call across an expansive political map.

GOP Sen. Cory Gardner was defeated by Democrat John Hickenlooper, a former governor, as the state shifted leftward during the Trump era.

Republicans sought to retain their majority against a surge of Democrats challenging President Donald Trump's allies. Both parties saw paths to victory, and the outcome might not be known on election night.

Polls closed in key states where some of the nation’s most well-known senators were on the ballot. In Kentucky, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell fended off Democrat Amy McGrath, a former fighter pilot in a costly campaign, but he acknowledged his GOP colleagues face tougher races. — THE ASSOCIATED PRESS

4 more states called for Trump, while 7 go to Biden

President Donald Trump has won Alabama, Mississippi, Oklahoma and Tennessee, while Democrat Joe Biden has won Connecticut, Delaware, Illinois, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Jersey and Rhode Island.

The results were not a surprise. Biden is very strong in the states that went for him, just as Trump is strong in the states he won.

Trump takes 33 electoral votes for winning those four states, while Biden adds 69 electoral votes to his total for winning seven states. — THE ASSOCIATED PRESS

Easy win for Trump in West Virginia

President Donald Trump has coasted to victory in West Virginia, taking its five electoral votes.

The Republican nominee defeated Democrat Joe Biden on Tuesday in a reliably conservative state.

The last Democrat to win a presidential race in West Virginia was Bill Clinton in 1996.

Trump defeated Democrat Hillary Clinton in West Virginia four years ago by 42 percentage points, one of his highest margins of victory in the nation. Many in the state credit him for his conservative populism and promises to help the declining coal industry, even as few expected he could bring back jobs in a dying field. — THE ASSOCIATED PRESS

Trump calls talk radio in Midwestern battlegrounds

President Donald Trump called into talk radio shows in the battleground states of Pennsylvania and Wisconsin just hours before polls closed.

Trump projected confidence Tuesday that he will win key states like North Carolina and Florida and said he’s expecting a "great" evening.

He was set to call into conservative host Mark Levin's show minutes after the first two interviews, but Levin abruptly said Trump would not be appearing. Levin said he was told the president couldn’t come on the show but gave no further details. — THE ASSOCIATED PRESS

Long Islanders headed to the polls on Tuesday, braving the cold weather and some long lines in order to vote in the most contentious presidential election in decades. Newsday's Cecilia Dowd has the story. Credit: Howard Schnapp




























Get the latest news and more great videos at NewsdayTV Credit: Newsday

Newsday's political experts breakdown what's next for Dems ... Suffolk cybersecurity ... Cleaning up the beaches ... Sunflower fields

Get the latest news and more great videos at NewsdayTV Credit: Newsday

Newsday's political experts breakdown what's next for Dems ... Suffolk cybersecurity ... Cleaning up the beaches ... Sunflower fields


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