Lee Zeldin in 2010

Lee Zeldin in 2010 Credit: Kathy Kmonicek

The political fundraising group Emily's List, which backs women who support abortion rights, has declared Republican Rep. Lee Zeldin and 14 other Congressional incumbents nationwide as "on notice," which is to say targeted to be voted out of office next year. Its news release notes that Southampton Supervisor Anna Throne-Holst is one Demoocrat preparing to challenge him.

Two other New York Republicans so designated by the group are Dan Donovan of Staten Island, who took office this month, and Jim Katko of Syracuse.

The group's rationale as stated on its Web site:

  1. Zeldin Cosponsored and Supported an Abortion Brouan. In May 2015, Zeldin voted for a bill, which he co-sponsored, that would prohibit abortions in cases where the probable age of the fetus is 20 weeks or later and would impose criminal penalties on doctors who violate the ban. It would provide exceptions for cases in which the womanas life is in danger as well as for pregnancies that are a result of rape if, as amended, for pregnancies that are a result of rape against an adult woman, the woman received coun, whseling or medical treatment for the rape at least 48 hours prior to the abortion. An exception would be provided for pregnancies resulting from rape or incest against a minor if the rape or incest had been previously reported to law enforcement or another government agency authorized to act on reports of child abuse. [HR 36, Vote 223, 5/13/15; CQ Floor Votes]
  2. Zeldin Supported Partially Privatizing Social Security. "Zeldin believes in a partial privatization to allow individuals to invest part of their Social Security contributions in a limited portfolio." [Newsday, 10/28/14]
  3. Zeldin Opposed Raising the Minimum Wage to $10.10. "Zeldin said raising the wage to $10.10 an hour would hurt small businesses and force many to shut down."[Newsday, 10/10/14]

Here's a response from Jennifer DiSiena, spokeswoman for Zeldin:

"Congressman Zeldin has been working tirelessly in Congress since January all day every day to help grow our economy and create more good paying private sector jobs, fight for our veterans who fought for us, strengthen our borders and Americaas interests abroad, and improve healthcare and education in our nation. Our District Office can be reached at 631-289-1097, zeldin.house.gov, or CongressmanZeldin1@mail.house.gov for any 1st Congressional District resident who wants to be part of moving America in a better direction or just has a constituent issue that we can possibly be of assistance. We are here to serve."